OK Folks here is my meager contribution. I will make rule number 1. Everyone else read that rule and if they have something other than what is already posted then use the next consecutive number to add their rule. NO REPEATS. I don't want to read the same rule 20 times in the discussion. So... without further adieu...

1. NEVER move the apparatus until all occupants are seated and wearing seat belts. The fire will not leave because you waited the extra minute.

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2. Always wear ALL of your PPE properly and as the incident dictates( SCBA during overhaul,latex gloves for EMS calls,eye protection during tool use,chin straps UNDER chin,ICs also wearing full PPE, etc.)
3. Always use the buddy system, and never enter a burning building alone.Also never freelance.
4. Ensure that you and your crew entering the building are fully trained to ensure you are able to deal with the situations inside you are dealt with. No training means no entry, period (no exceptions)
5. Always carry tools properly! If you don't know h0w to properly carry a tool look it up in the essentials of firefighting book.
6. Bring the tools of the trade needed to do the job inside with you on the first trip to avoid having to go back out. It only wastes time and air, and gives the fire more time to build. (this includes the camera) (sorry for the second post, I'm an overachiever :) )
Always have an awareness of where you are. Extremely difficult when you are working a dark interior with heavy smoke, but I dare say that most injuries occur outside of those conditions, tripping over power cords or charged hose lines or some child's toy or lawn orniment. Especially important if you are working on a roof: you loose your awareness of where the edge is and it's a long way down with a sudden stop.
9.) Follow the chain of command, but if you see something that one of your line officers may have missed during size up, speak up. Staying silent for fear of sounding stupid could get someone injured or killed.
10. Calling a mayday does not make you less of a firefighter. If you are lost or need help call for it early.
11. Use the accountability system and stick with it always check in for assignment and reassignment so it is known where you are at and what you are doing.
I will add to this. Make note of your surroundings. Never develope tunnel vision. Locking onto a target will contribute more to injuries from burnt out floors and other hazards. It also won't give you a great sense of where you are when the crap hits the fan
12. If you can't see your feet, you shouldn't be on them!! You should be low (on your knees or crab-walking) and constantly probing the floor in front of you as you move. If you can't see your feet when you are on your knees, lay down and crawl, or rethink you options. Maybe you shouldn't be in there in the first place.
13. When working on a roadway, always assume that someone is going to hit you, and take precautions to prevent this from happening. Never turn your back on traffic, and wear high visibility reflective vests at all times. Standard issue bunker gear is not enough.


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