Hey everyone! hope your summer is going well!!!

ok, i am looking around for an Fire Fighting Axe and dont know which to buy or anything. I need some help. If anyone knows of a good place to buy an Axe for relativley cheap....or if your selling/getting rid-of an Axe, please let me know!!!

Stay safe!

Explorer Capt Marc Hurwitz

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Why to swing on the big log out back with the guys of course!
Ok Marc I'm stumped here. I'm going to assume your talking about a fire axe here so why are you looking to buy yourself a fire axe? Kinda seems silly Ladd. Doesn't the Department you are an explorer on have axes on their apparatus? I would assume so. Wouldn't they provide an axe if one was needed for what ever your purpose was? So what the heck Ladd? Check with the Chief of the Department.
Jack, I'm getting that list out again.....................................................................
ok, every memeber of the Los Angeles City Fire Department is issued and Axe, except explorers. The city doesn't have the money or resources (esspicaily now that we have brown outs and a hiring freeze) to buy us (explorers) our own fire fighting axe's. So, if an explorer wants an axe they must purchues it on ther own. I have been to fires and done forcible entry when we are the only engine on scene. Our hydrant member is hooking up to a hydrant, our nozzel member is getting ready to go fight the fire with the captain, and the engineer is starting to pump water, where does that leave me, forcible entry (the fun stuff) the sonner we get in the sooner the fire goes out. I ussualy grab the rotary saw or haligan. Just recently my Exp buddy got an axe and has used it a bunch. So i figured that i could use one so i am looking on where to buy one. Hoping the heros from all over could help me out with my predicament.

or, when i am having fun - forcible entry, roof ventilation, ground ventilation, and other times when i have needed an Axe but dont have one.
Email me, I can get whatever you need. jason@jbrescue.com
Check with your Explorer leader, or ask one of the guys at the station. Any of the truckees will know where to go for them. I believe that a firefighter with the department manufactures and sells his own...you might ask about that. Sorry, I just can't remember the name of the company. I think it's something like LA Fire Axe, or something along those lines.

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