I don't know if anyone else here is having a problem, but I have recently heard and also experienced several items that have been stolen from the department I am a member of as well as some items that have been stolen from my brothers. I have also recently heard of some neighboring departments having items stolen from them. I don't know about everyone else but I think that this is WRONG!!!!!! Anyone that steals from a firehouse or from any of his or her brothers or sisters from the firehouse needs to be disciplined to the point of dismissal as well as prosecuted. I would like to know what my other brothers and sisters have to say.

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Theft from the Station or members? It's up to the Police and the Courts. Anyone tried and found guilty, dismissal. First thing is to have the matter reported to the Police. Anything else is wrong.
Wrong Wrong.
As per our By-laws. Dismisal.

We had a firefigter/paramedic that was dismissed.
We had members stealing tools and chainsaws and our dept. Started giving lie detector test and u would be surprised how many members quit.
we also have the same problem. its fast approaching to have to put up cameras up all over the station. i agree with getting the police involed. just let them conduct their investigation to find out who it is. once you make an example out of someone then other people might see or open their eyes. then don't drop any charges. i think this is a problem everywhere be it privcate or paid, fire or ems. and i agree its sad that you hyave yo stoop to that level. if you can't trust your brothers and sisters thean who can you trust. everyone stay safe out there.
I agree! the junior in my department lost some of out firehouse privileges bc of stealing ( a former jr member used his code to get in and stole a haligan tool off the truck, he then put it on ebay) i have no idea why either. Anyway he got yelled at and gave it back but the ones of us still there didn't get privileges back.
That's not the first time I've heard of FF's stealing from the Dept. and selling the stuff on eBay. Terrible!
sometimes personal items like cellphone - gone. It hurts a fellow vol. FF would do such a thing. If we caught a guy red-handed. We confront and terminate his membership. As much as possible, we settle it internally. We ask police assistance depending the severity of the loss. or an individual will press charges. A kleptomaniac FF can't be trusted, it will tarnish the good name of FD. Not only stealing in the inside the fire house but I would bet he/she took something from a fire scene during overhaul task. Like jewelry, money etc....it could be worst.
It happens every were you go. I had 100 dollars stolen from my wallet in my locker in my bunkroom when I was out of an EMS call. So that means it had to be some one from the engine company. Narrows it down to 4 people but I got no proof so you just have to roll with it and make shure you lock your stuff up next time. I know it sucks but theifs, are like back stabers and trash talkers. Every department has them.
My opinion !! YOUR FIRED !!!! DONT COME BACK.
If a FF is caught stealing and is prosicuted , then they have a record so If your dept. is doing a back ground check it will come up .This makes all of us look bad !!!
When the trust is broken, thieves should be canned and labeled and wouldn't have a can of that in my Fire house. TCSS
For some reason we've always had an issue with gloves. I'm talking 30 years of people having missing gloves. In the summer spring winter and fall, gloves are missing. I drive so I try to keep two sets hidden on each engine so I know I'll some to give when to come up missing on a fire.

We had outsiders who have stolen but couldn't prove it. Unfortuntely its my cousin who has stolen from me. He4 steals, we don't let him in then someone lets him in years later and something comes up missing. They just installed 28 cameras around the firehouse.

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