Our new engine is a sterling cab, wieghs well over 26000 pounds I'm not sure of the excact wieght and has air brakes. At my day job I have to have CDLs to drive an f-750 that wieghs 28000 pounds and has air brakes. Tn law states any vehicle with air brakes or excedes the wieght limit of 26000 pounds you have to have a class b cdl to drive it. But there is an excemption for emergency vehicles that just doesnt make sense to me. does anyone elses dept. require cdls or anyone think they should. I think you should have to have cdls and have evoc tought by a state instructor before you can drive. Just my opinion.
10-19-08 I contacted The Tennessee DMV and they told me that a non cdl driver could drive an engine to an emergency under the excemtion law but would be breaking the law if they drove back to the station to get fuel or was just out driving. The dmv also if a non cdl driver was involved in an accident driving a large truck they would be driving a commercial vehicle without a license and could lose their license or have to do jail time. They also told me all that was needed was a class be cdl in Tn thats only 2 written test and a short on road driving test.

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The safe way to do it. Very similar to us, no heavy vehicle endorsement? You don't drive trucks.
I have to agree with the Lt. in my job i am required to have a Cdl to drive my dump truck. there is no difference between my truck and a fire truck. A fire truck is a loaded bomd looking for a place to go off. I have had my cdl for around 20 yrs and been driving fire trucks for about the same amount of time. we have a tanker that weighs over 30 ton fully loaded, that is well over the weighgt limit for a regular dreivers license. I am hoping that New York state comes out with it to be MANDITORY TO HAVE A CDL TO DRIVE FIRE TRUCKS. But then you will get guys to go and get a CDL and that is the only time that they will use it. To me they should have to go through a yearly training if the do not use it every day.
I think this is true I think that you should have at least the class so you know how to drive the trucks and don't burn up the brakes
Bump, lets get all the CDL post going.
Leo , Ihave been in the service for 30 yrs and am a driver for 20 of it .. But that is not my question.. Iam planing on moving back to N.Y. and have a cdl B with endorcments ,Iam looking for a job !! Can you help?
LT., I really do not think a CDL should be required to drive fire trucks. My theory is that driving a fire truck is a whole diffrent animal than a big rig. I use to drive regional for diffrent companies. I've had my CDL since 1998. I also have been driving fire trucks since 1998. We in Escambia County and the State of Florida do not require a CDL. The focus here should be the drivers training program, not the DL. If a CDL is required...then a Tanker endorsement shold be too because we carry water. Each state should have a unified driver ops program for any department in that state. I say this because I have seen the county have diffrent requirements than the state. With an extensive drivers op course, any department should fare well when it comes to having drivers.
A fire truck is a lot different than an over the road tractor but it's not that different than a large dump truck or milk truck. I agree that the focus should be drivers training but the problem with that is that states rarely enforce firefighter training and a CDL would at least make the firefighters learn about air brakes and other commercial vehicle related items. I also agree with you on the tanker endorsement.
I feel the CDL is a way to tax people who make their living driving trucks and has no place in the fire service. local and state F/D policy should drive the training for firefighters, that is why we have EVOC and other drivers training programs, so just enforce those. If CDL,s were such a good deal, we would not work as many truck wrecks as we do.

just my opinion.
EVOC is a great training program, however, a CDL deals more with air brakes, weight and driving others around. The CDL accounts for normal road conditions that are not emergency related. In conjunction with EVOC and other training programs, we use CEVO, it makes the operators of emergency apparatus safer and more competent drivers.
I have CDL's but CDL's don't you can drive a truck. I have seen people with CDL's who can't even drive a Hot Wheel's car. I also have Military slodiers who don't have CDL's who drive 68,000 pound truck with no problem. I think Fire Departments should do a E.V.A.P. or E.V.O.C. course. If they can't drive through or back up in the E.V.A.P. course then you know they should not be on the road.
i live in IL and we have to have a class B, non CDL... (no air brake endorsement) we are told that firefighters are exempt from air brakes because the department does enough continued training on their vehicles, class b in IL is one written test and a short driving test... IL also states that you are exempt on the way to a bona-fide emergency, running lights and sirens without a class B...but you cant drive back to the station or training...etc. we have a few vehicles requiring a class B... smallest is our gmc 4500 brush truck weighs 17,500 loaded, and largest is our peterbuilt 4000 gal tanker tandem axle, weighs roughly 60000 loaded our pierce rescue pumper weighs around 47000 loaded...
IL requires a CLASS B (non CDL) i just went through it a couple months ago... we are exempt from air brakes, even though our trucks all have them, i thought it was dumb, but im not gonna complain, the test and class change for my license only cost $5.00, and our department has trainging we still have to complete before being able to drive to a call... we have a course set up, and we have to drive with an officer so many times (non-emergency) until they think we are capable of driving to a call...

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