I know down by Detroit there are medic's carrying pistols for protection and even bullet proof jackets, but does anyone else know of city's that are doing the same thing or even fire departments that have some sort of protection like a bullet proof jacket. this seems to be a growing concern out there for everyone, just wanted to see your view on this issue.

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Hey TJ
Michael here ST. Louis Fire Dept. We carry Bullet proof vest two on each ambulance and three on each ambulance with the ride along program. The pumpers also have vest 4 on each truck. We do not carry guns but we were talking about getting tazors at one time. We do not have a protocol to wear our vest they r just their in case we feel we need them. But if u keep up with the news then u will know that we loss a firefighter to a gsw this year while helping at a car wreck. Also just outside of the city in ST. Louis County a sniper shot a firefighter while trying to put out a truck fire that was burned as a trap. Also right across the river in IL in East ST. Louis a EMT was shot driving a shooting victim to the hospital without a police escort. He was shot while driving down the hwy.
Thats bull crap, I hope they catch this guy and give him a taste of his own medicine, I mean shoot him in arm and then throw him in jail and let him hurt for a little bit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Right on Mike, and this is what happen's in Detroit too, My body told me that if your treating a gang shot that the gang of the wounded will threaten you with their pistol if you cnat save his life, like we're god or something.
Im from Saskatchewan, Canada and the EMS in our 2 largest cities have been wearing bullet proof vests for a few years. We don't have any vests, but a neighboring service carries vests on car. they were donated by the RCMP.

If we get dispatched to a violent situation, we stage a safe distance away just like most other services. But you never know when you might find yourself in the middle of a violent situation
Thats great news to hear, I'm sure more departments will follow.
Um... We dont carry vests and certainly not guns. I dont think any EMS worker or FF should be packin heat. I've heard that a dept. about 30 miles from mine in Gary, IN has their EMT's and FF's wear vests though.

Whenever in doubt, have the cops go in first... stage the rig a couple of blocks away and let police secure the area. I love helping people and I want to get to the vic as fast as possible but its not worth losing my life to try and save theirs.
Well I think in the bigger cities it is a real good Idea to wear the bullet proof vest only because the last few weeks I have been reading about EMT's being Shot and well I think it is a good Idea they do wear them. But as far as carrying a gun.... I don't agree to much with that only because you want to make the patient feel safe and not harm them aswell as your self because you have a chance of the patient grabbing the gun from your holster and shooting you so that I wouldn't do I mean if your department allows it so be it but I don't understand why you would. You want your patient to feel safe you don't want to put them under the impression that they are being put in harms way and are going to get hurt because if they panic they are likely to hurt themselves.
i am a firefighter in the virgin islands and crime is high i am in process right now to see if i can carry a firearm
In Texas the Dept of State Health Services forbids any firearms to be kept or transported on the ambulance. This has something to do the narcotics that are on the ambulance. Our SWAT medics have to have a special unit that has secured compartments for firearms and is subject to surprise inspections by the state.
Vests are fine but NO GUNS
If the time comes when I have to wear a bullet proof vest, and carry a firearm to answer calls, I will just
have to go and find a new carrier. I joined the fire department to fight fires, not criminals.
vests area a good idea. They had them at my previous department. Guns are not a good idea for one reason. If I am a piece of shit gang banger scumbag and I just shot someone with the intenet to kill. And then you come along trying to save the guy I just shot, and I know you have a gun. I am shooting first. Dont go in before the police.

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