Is my district alone in this? In my vol. fire dept halloween night is our busiest night we will have 4 trucks fully staffed for the day before, during and after halloween. The punks in our area cut trees in the road burn tires and other junk. Then egg the truck and us when we respond. They will go as far as to make false ems calls to get us out. Last year they burned 3 houses and a store all were empty and the year before they burned a train yes a train.
**Update 10-12-08
They have started early this year 1 couch in the road and 2 small brush fires set in the road. We have decided that they are starting early this year because of the problems the dept. has had with our chief and asst. chief. But thanks to all your ideas me and the acting chief are having a meeting with the county mayor about the situation county wide.

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i dont think that happens in our district but now you have me wondering. i agree with the earlier comment see how accurate the deck gun is :)
I parts of Texas a sheriff can still deputize citizens to enforce the law. If that won't work what about your state police or even the feds? I would never put up with that year after year. Of course your problem is deep rooted "at home" with lack of parenting. TCSS
I live/work in a College Town and we will be lucky to see anything out of the norm. They riot over the Patriots and Red Sox Championship Games though (especially when we beat the Yankees badly LOL) but not Halloween.

Sounds like your town government needs to think about an emergency operational plan before Halloween comes. Fork out some money one year and pay for some real law enforcement, and EVERYBODY caught gets arrested and fined $$$. Those fines will offset some of the cost of the police protection, but the taxpayers deserve it.

Hmmm, that is why our usual police force multiplies by 300% on the night of the big games???

Stay safe and keep your head low bro
My former department had an issue with the kids. They loved opening hydrants and letting big water flow. Occasionally they would also pile debris behind the water stream for anyone who drove through. We did have some minor fires, but nothing in the magnitude that you are experienceing. I would get the local PD on board and if it persists, I would ask for help from the state police.
I a paintball gun.....and mark the little menaces for future retrieval!!!
Return fire with it when they egg ya......
Lay in the bushes and be a paintball SNIPER for Halloween....

Not practical solutions i agree.....but sounds like fun to me!
The little monsters would be so surprised and maybe even scared. It would be hard not to laugh out loud and give your position away. But I would have to say that it would be a lot of fun.....
i was thinking the same thing legal probably not but it would be fun
Geez! What part of town you from??? SOUTH CENTRAL???
We have been known to "accidently" turn the nozzle into the bushes when they start egging
BFE, Tn you go to the edge of the earth and turn left.
I have my S&W 357 magnum and my partner has his Glock 40
The state police do help but this problem is county wide with our district bieng the worst.

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