I've seen lots of Companies, Squads, and such that have sayings on their apparatus. Like FDNY has "Midtown Madness" for Ladder Co. 24/Engine Co. 1, or "Never Missed A Performance" on Engine 54 and "Pride of Midtown" on Ladder 4. What is your company/squad motto or what do you have written on your apparatus?

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My department does not have a motto on our trucks but our orginal department always had a mini tornado on one side after surviving the tornado of 1985 that leveled almost the entire town. Our Neighboring department had a frog on their trucks because they have swamp land near their station. We have consolidated these two departemnts to become one department with two stations and now our trucks have the mini tornado with the frog inside it. The only different vehicle we have is a half-track unit for wildfires and off road rescue and the guys in the department named it Trackzilla and had it lettered onto the front of the bumper.
On the back of the tanker (above the 10 inch dump)- "Nice Dumper"

Just ordered for shirts and possibly on the front of the ladder truck- "Ordinary People, Extraordinary Service"

Due to be put on the engine- "Professionally Staffed By Volunteers"
I've seen similar wording to what you want on the engine...our county has it on some of our ambulances.

I like the Ladder truck one...

And the tanker...that's good too!
Ours is "Piney Power." Our fire company is located in the Pine Barrens of South New Jersey and our area is called "Pinewald."
"Cancel The Engine" is on the brow trim of Hilton Head Island (SC) Truck 6 (you can actually see this on the Cancel The Engine group here on FirefighterNation). Our motto, however, was our Special Operations motto: "We interfere with natural selection."

Truck 6 and Engine/Medic 6 are located at the Palmetto Dunes Resort station on Hilton Head Island, which is called "The Icehouse". In the old days, the building used to get VERY cold.
Some of my personal favorites...


Snorkel Company 1, Collegedale, TN - "Why climb the stairs when you can ride the elevator?" My old volunteer truck - RIP

Rockville, MD Rescue Squad 3 - "Cuttin' 'em free in District 3"

The 1996 Olympic Games Swiftwater Rescue Team - "Hell YES it hurts"

Greenville County , SC Medic 3, circa 1996 - "Everybody wants to go to Heaven, but nobody wants to die."

FDNY's first lime-green engine (I believe it was Engine 41) - "It's not easy being green" front license plate with a picture of Kermit the frog.

One of my all-time favorite Company Nicknames is:

Baltimore City FD Truck 10 (West Baltimore) - "The Wicked Stick of the West"
We have one station that calls themselves "The Attack Pack". So we decided to be the Leader of the Pack
LoL. You guys have some good one in Columbus. I especially like Truck 13's "Triskaidekaphobia."

A couple of more from my past...

Chattanooga Engine 15 - "The Fighting 15th"
Chattanooga Engine 20 - when I worked there, we called ourselves "The TV-Watching 20th", largely in response to Engine 15's motto and our low and slow call volume.

Tri-Community Tanker 1 - "The Super Pickle" ...did I mention that I hate that slime green color?

Tri-Community Rescue 7 - "The Axe Squad"...yeah, we occasionally broke something.

Chattanooga-Hamilton County Rescue - formerly known as "The Pumpkins", due to the shockingly orange turnout gear the squad had back in the 1970's and the early 1980's.

Three of my favorite real department names are the Water Witch Fire Co. of Port Deposit, MD, the Vigilant Fire Co. of Emmitsburg, MD and Pioneer Hook & Ladder, Truck Co. 1, Hagerstown FD.
the firehouse that i belong to in derby ct started in 1837 and has alway had their saying on the house and letter head " To Do Good Is Our Intend"
Carpe Diem!

Translates to seize the day.
We are the oxbow fighting 33.. Our call sign for the county is 33.. also on our trucks you give it we can will take it.

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