Mine was: Dispatched to a MVA at a highway crossing (speed limit 70MPH) upon arrival I found out it was my 16 yo daughter who had pulled in front of anouther car. everyone survived, but I dont think I took a breathe for 5 minutes. see attached photo

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Had a Large apartment complex burn, me and two other firefighters were doing overhaul on the 2nd floor of the upstairs apartment. (each apartment had its own upstairs) We all walked down the stairs toward the outside balcony, then I said "guys just wait for me out side the door real quick I forgot my axe up stairs" well i walked back up the stairs, grabbed my axe and turned back toward the stairs and just when i did that, the whole roof collapsed between me and my guys outside. It fell so close it hit my flip down shield on my helmet and closed it. After the dust and all settled, i walked right over the roof onto the outside balcony, Pretty scary.
Hey Joe imagine being the guy who has to shut that off. But the highest pressure we have is 280 pounds
my moment would be me and my partner are on the NJTP trying to cross over the median to get back around to our call and we got t-boned by a minivan right into our rig he gets out shouting you could a killed me wife and kids.. luckily we had no pts in the back but he came within inches of making a head on hit to our main o2 cabinet
78 gmc pumper , hydraulic brakes lost a line in back
Wish i could say i only had one . Here is another . Five others and myself were finishing up a mobile home fire when we saw a lot of smoke about 1/2 mile away .I sent a couple of guys over to see what it was . We had a second mobile home fire . Upon arrival we had a partially engulfed home with a man putting water in the gas tank of a truck about three feet from the house . When we asked him to get out of the area he replied with some pretty salty language . I moved up to try and get him to leave when he decided to stab me with a ink pen after he broke the skin on me twice i knew this was going south in a hurry . Instead of him getting to the younger firefighters i decided he would fight me . We went at it for a while during that time the others were calling for police and more help . After attacking with the pen , rocks , fist and a good sized limb off of a tree , he backed up and through rocks at us . After about 16 to 18 minutes after we got there the first officer showed up . When the officer got there the guy started to run and the cop gave chase . When the officer left his car and took three steps the power line fell on his car . After chasing the guy a little way the man turned and struck the officer with a tree limb . the office then shot the guy three times . So we ended up with two houses and three cars burnt , a car in the power lines , a stabbing with multiple contusions , a office with blunt force trauma to the head , a haz- mat scene , and a shooting in just under one hour and a lot of paper work . Oh yeah the guy lived after myself and another ff stopped the bleeding . ....Hint: the hot plate caused a flash over.
Thanks Joe
It's normal to be a little scared. I am sure you can ask anyone on here and they would say they were crapping their pants on their first fire whethere it was training or not. Just stay low, LISTEN to your instructors, have fun and stay safe! There probably isn't a more adrenaline-packed thing you will ever do in your life!
my first training fire..i wasnt scared..just excited. I wanted to feel the heat, see the smoke, get the whole feeling i'd wanted to see. and then the hall way we were in flashed. I was dumb founded for a minute and then i was scared. But i wanted to put it out! the nozzle guy f'd up and didnt pull the nozzle back all the way. So here we are..its flashing, and he pretty much is pissin on the fire. So we all backed out and let the building go up.

a scary time i had was being a JR (i was 17) Had a roll over with car on its side, i was first on scene in my pov with a officer already there. he hands me a flash light and says "We cant find the driver, go look for her in the feild" I look at the car and there was a gap in it bout the size of a person. Scary thought..didnt know what i would find. turns out the woman was drunk, kicked out the window, and walked 2 miles screaming help me help me until our rescue found her.
WTF? Thats really screwed up. Lucky no sane or normal person was hurt to bad.
Geez, Damon. WTF are folks drinking down there? :P
One of the big things that pops up in my head is a single story, wood frame structure with about 25% involvement upon our chief's arrival. Structure was a block away from the station, so my partner hadn't got her pack on yet upon arrival. As my chief and I were knocking down some stuff around the doorway from outside (had to wait for other person to get their pack on), a 220 volt power line that had burned in half started arcing a foot away from us.

Talk about a new respect for electricity.
I don't have anything very exciting like you guys do but I have only been in the fire service for a short time. So my story is we got dispatched to help PD search for a 6 year old little boy that "ran away" from home. On the 4 hour search we were all joking about what we would do if our kids ran away and BS stuff like that. Well, we then found this prescious little boy at the bottom of a pool. NOT a good day. It threw me for a loop because I want to fight fire not recover little kids bodies from the bottom of a pool. I've learned that as a Firefighter you have to be ready for pretty much anything.

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