Mine was: Dispatched to a MVA at a highway crossing (speed limit 70MPH) upon arrival I found out it was my 16 yo daughter who had pulled in front of anouther car. everyone survived, but I dont think I took a breathe for 5 minutes. see attached photo

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Single story house, 2 am, BAD OFFICER IN CHARGE, my fault for listening to officer, I went up to cut a small hole in the roof, roof had already had fire damage, fell thru luckily only the attic was on fire, fell thru attic into living room floor woke up as I was being drug out the front door had a broke leg but I was LUCKY.

That's pretty much my scariest moment
Holy crapola! Glad you're okay!
We were dispatched to a gas leak at a gas storage facility. Before I got to the scene I could hear the roar about a mile away, inside the car with windows closed. My legs were shaking, literally. Natural gas escaping from the ground at 900 psi creates a roar like a jet aircraft, and this was heard several miles away.
I Fell through a floor into the basement of a house.
Mike, glad to hear your daughter is okay. I have two, I was an assitant chief at the time. I had just got to firehouse about 10 minutes before we got hit for a house fire down the street. Our chief called it in and he had just left the firehouse. It was only a block away so by the time we got there the crew wasn't packed up yet and the chief was saying people are still inside. Even though I didn't have a pack either (no packs on the officer seat at the time 10 yrs ago) I started walking around the house to find a good way in. Fire was blowing out of each side window. I keep thinking "this is what you're trained for, you know how to do it" As I got to the rear of the house the mother and child were sitting on the back step. OH MAN, I wanted to hug them both because I wouldn't have to go in!. Was I scared, hell yeah, I'm smart enough to know I could have died if I went in looking for someone.

Second time, assisting on a house fire when the IC told me to take a crew into the basement. We went through an exit window and I encountered walls on every side. I couldn't go more then 3 feet either way. We backed out and told the chief when I found out the floor had collasped into the basement as I walked around the house. After talking to the homeowner he told me there were no walls in the basement by the window. To this day I think GOD keep me out of the basement to keep me safe.
Good to hear your daughter was ok. So far I have not been in any scary calls unless its the fact of the adrenaline flowing at the time, But I would still consider myself fairly new to the fire service and have not been in a bad situation yet and God willing I won't be but at least I know it can happen and am prepared for it.
On a squad call in a motel turned into residences. No elevator went up the stairs out of the stairwell and straight into the barrel of a shotgun.
Had to be while my daughter and i were bringing a truck back to the station . We were on a steep downgrade about 1 mile long when the brake pedal went to the floor .We made two curves and came to the end of the road it came to a t with U S highway 270 . We rolled the truck 2 times and once end over end according to state police . We don't remember much but i do remember kicking out the windshield and getting my daughter out . We were banged up pretty bad but alive .
What type of truck was it?
My first dept. was only in about 8months or so we had a house fire no one suspected (small town so we knew the people) any wrong doing going in just who it was and we had to get in and save it, cause I was still new I was told I was secondary search team my partner and I both in 8months and a officer years in waited suddenly the 3 blasts you never want to hear ring out we could see the fire was under control so we thought the worse "a Brother down" being new we were a half a second from blowing into the house, then the primary team emerges untouched so what the heck right, everyone starts looking at the chief (great chief btw) the attack moved from with in to exterior why what the heck?..after it was over the resident who was living there lost his job and was in the start stages of divorce and foreclosure, well after we put her out we lit up the place and walked in on a life rope single file to be shown the 6 floor cuts and stacked arms at each hole along with ammo yeah he arsoned our asses, it was not my incident directly but another 4 months and it would have been me on primary.
so far my saciest moment was my first house fire large fire we only did defensive attack but i was still scared i have only been on my dept for 7 months so im still learning and enrolled in entry leval fire 1&2 our live burn is schedualed for Oct. 21 im kinda scared to see how its gonna be actually being in the fire

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