So my department has had these new Scott air-packs with 4500 psi bottles for about a year now. I really havnt found a thing that I dont like about them. Before them, we had some old MSA's with the elephant trunk; so it was quite an improvement. I'm just curious as to what everyone else is using out there and what they do or do not like about them

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we've got the same scott packs and we love them and the only thing I can think of is we've got to change batteries oevery other month for the alarm, other than that their great:)
We've had the Scott 4500 psi's with the integrated PASS device for several years now, and I love them. Before that we had the old Johnny and Roy big heavy orange steel cylinder Scott's.
we have the same has yall im not really sure how long we have had them but i like them alot
my department is evaluating replacing the scba inventory for the department, a costly venture for 16 fire stations and all the apparatus. we also carry scba's on our type III's, water TENDERS, dozers, etc. this is not going to be cheap...

we are looking at the same manufacturer that LACOFD and LACityFD are now purchasing but they are not Scott's. everyone who participated in the evaluations loved the Scott's but apparently they loved this other brand better. the problem is that I am going to have to look up the name because I had never heard of it before. I'll find out next week and repost the findings.

TCSS, Mike
we have scott 22's

Some are normal steel tube frame
some have some extra padding, the 'comfy' ones
and then we have a few composite bottles layin around.
so you put the comfy, with the composite..mmm makes for a nice and light pack
Here's what my department has looked at for replacing our entire SCBA inventory. From what I understand, everyone is raving about the Sperian unit. When I find out more specific information, I will share this with anyone who wants to hear what our final evaluation and report conclude.

Scott AP-75 Scott NX-G7

Sperian Warrior

Drager PSS 7000

We went from the Scott 2.2As to Survivair Panthers with the smaller 4500 psi (30 minute) bottles. We liked the lighter weight and smaller profile of these packs. When all was said and done we could get more (extra masks and spare cylinders) from Survivair than Scott.

Looking back, we should probably have stayed with Scott; we have had a number of issues with the Survivairs. They're OK, and get the job done, however they seem a bit more delicate than I'd like to see.
Here, each FF of my FD have a 2200 Scott AirPack SCBA, we have each a 3000 facepiece and a spare for each SCBA Stored in the 911 seat or in truck casing ! I really appreciate the Scott Airpack !

we are on Scotts 45's and just added the heads up display pretty helpful addition to the pack instead of being a contortionist to read te gauge while in a darkened wet surroundings
We have some older scotts and they are pretty good .
We've got some of the old MSA packs, but our regular responders all use Interspiros. We're the only unit in the area that uses them, and We took some crap from the other companies when we were going through our essentials class- but I wouldn't trade my Interspiro pack for the world. There's something about the simplicity of the built in regulator that I really like.

Any one else use them?
My county uses the new msa 30 minute packs. They have a lightwieght plastic frame and a composite bottle. The frame has integrated handles fir R.I.T. and also a "buddy" hose in a pouch on the belt. Also the strap has a unit that tells the temp, est. air time life, tank psi left, and a couple other things I cant remember right now. As much as I love the msa's I like the Draggers my old dept. in Ky used.

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