I just found out about the coal mine in Centralia Pennsylvania today on the history channel. They said that it has enough fuel to burn for 1,000 years. I was going to see if any body on here has heard anything about this or if you have ever been there.

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wow thats along time i didnt know a coal mine could burn so long
Look at the charcoal you use in your bbq grill. Imagine how long a whole mine would burn for. And think of what you could have bbqed on that big grill lol.
Unbelievable, but true! Those coal mines (from what I understand) can burn for years if left unchecked. I wouldn't even know how to fight a coal mine fire.
I hear that there are 45 mine fires in Pennsylvania alone. Another one is east of the Scranton area, the location of which is called "Mine Fires" which has been burning since the 1960s.

Obviously there is no way to fight a coal mine fire except to seal the mine. Even then, it continues burning until the fuel runs out.
I would think that if you sealed the mine, that the products of combustion would smother the fire out. Of course then you'd have to let it cool for some time before you could un-seal the mine.
I heard about this a long time ago. It has been going strong for quite awhile. From what i understand sometimes the foundations of homes will settle and crack from the results of the fire. It will be burning for a looooooong time.
I go past Centralia every summer and have been since my childhood. From what I can remember you used to go through the town, but now they have put in a roadway that takes you around the town. Centralia has essentially become a thing of the past. Most homes and buildings have been demolished and most townspeople have been relocated. To the best of my knowledge the Centralia Fire company is still operating or at least there are trucks visible through the windows when I last drove by.
Yes I go by there whenever we go to Knobels Grove. It is true they have been burning a long time. They are having a segment on it on or local news channel tonight at 10:00
Depending on the weather maybe I will go up there this weekend and get some pics and post them on this discussion for you guys to see.
find the path an direction with heat sensing imagery, get ahead of the path, and drill/inject CO2 by the 10's of 1000's gallons into the ground....
I'm on my way there now running emergency traffic all the way from North Carolina in my pov...I let you guys know how long it takes for me to put it out.

--Gloryhound Dust

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