I am talking about a helmet. Would you spend your own money for a helmet if you didn't like the one issued to you by the department? Would it be leather or plastic? New York style or Metro? Rachet, adjustable suspension?
How much is your noggin worth?

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You're awfully chatty today!! lol I would rather spend that $400 on a properly fitted pair of boots and a pair of gloves that will A - actually pull over my man hands and B - not fall off when they are wet. My helmet wouldn't be my first choice, but it keeps my head safe regardless, ego doesn't play into what I wear, just safety. As far as I know, the couple of bumps on the head haven't affected me... lol...although I'm sure I can find people who would differ with that opinion!! lol
I did and it is worth it. We are a small and straped for money dept. i needed another helmet so i used my own money on it and gloves reflective vest and light for helmet. When you are poor you do what you have to do.
A well taken care of leather helmet will last your entire career. Other than paint every once and a while and a few minor repairs, my leather has outlasted every other piece of tupperware I have used.
And of course we you leave the department, you get to take the helmet with you.
When I stepped down, I had a "social" gathering and since my helmet was white, I had everyone autograph the helmet with Sharpies. It is great to go back and read some of the names and I can remember a story or two about them and the times we shared.

yes i would and i did but i am selling it now and trying to buy a new one any one want it e-mail me for info.
ive spent the $425 on my leather helmet. this is my second one. the first on didnt fair to well with the pavement when it fell off the top of our engine at a garage fire. i will always were a leather now. money is no object when its your life.
yes i agree i have also spent alot of money on my own personal cairns 1010 i want to be comfortable while on the job
So long as it would be covered by the departments SOG's and insurance, I would spend the money on it. Would be leather NY style
Personally I never have a problem spending my money on tools/equipment that let me do my job better or more comfortably. Along those lines my department does offer to give you the amount of money that we would have spent on the equipment and prorate it over 5 years in the event that you would leave you pay the prorated amount back. For example if we gave you $150 towards a helmet and you left 3 years later you would give us $60 for the helmet. This way the members get the gear they want and the department doesnt spend huge amounts of money on equipment, so long as the equipment meets NFPA specs.
Yes I would in fact spend 400 on a Crown to go on This King.. Traditional Style Leather with Ratchet Black in Color with Alternating Red and black Panels ... Why? Because Im from Cincinasty Baby!!!! Born and raised Red Stands for Engine and Black Stands for Rescue Operations

Why Spend so much on Your Equipment?
Well to put it plainly You wouldnt put a Donkey in the Kentucky Derby Partner and I wouldnt Expect a Thoroughbred to pull a plow HOOAH!!!!!!!

( That was soooo Cocky But yall love it )

B King
I cant say I would spend 400 for a leather although my dad has along with 250 for leather boots how ever i did spend 150 on a new plastic NY style
Well, I haven't spent anything on any of it, but my wife bought me my first traditional style lid as a graduation present for when I got my degree (the helmet featured in my avatar, which has outlasted some of my colleagues tupperware and was retired to my office a few weeks ago; see below), then my wife bought me my first leather firefighting boots. However, I have told anyone who will listen that had I known now what I know today, I'd have asked for the boots first.

However, as you are probably aware from my blog, my wife and daughters gave me my brand spanking new white leather Cairns N6A (the Sam Houston) with the carved brass eagle and the Bourke shield this year for Christmas to celebrate my promotion to Battalion Chief. It's the thing I always said I wanted when this time came. It's as much about the feel as it is about the tradition and I'd say when I look at it, it's worth every penny because it's a symbol of what I have achieved.

Leather forever!

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