(I'm assuming there's no doubt in a paid dept.)

I have always called ours "Chief". In the station, on the phone or if we meet at the grocery store. As in "Chief, can I do this?", or "Sure, Chief, I'll take care of it." And I say to other firefighters, "Hey, the Chief wants us to clean that." I call our two assistant chiefs "Chief" unless it's third person and I say "Car 2 wants that bay cleaned."

Anyway, the other day, one of our new 19-yr olds said to me, "Dave told us to do this", and I hear them go to him and say, "Hey, Dave, can I do this?" And it drives me crazy even though he never seems to care. Now I know a lot of the older guys knew the Chief when he was just young Davy and I give that some leeway. But it just seems to me that in an organization like a fire department, the Chief should ALWAYS be "Chief", and not Dave, until he's not Chief any more. I about bit my tongue in half not jumping on that young FF the other day.

So here's the question - is it just me? Is it just the unreasonable side effect of 22 years in the Army, and something my sore tongue will have to get used to or, just maybe, could I be on the right track?

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I believe Chief would be the proper title to call him at the firehouse or any fire related activity. In the bar, or at church (same place for some people) Dave would be fine. Unless the Chief is way old, then MR. Smith or whatever would be the most respectful. The chief could then say, call me Dave.
I believe if you run into your chief in a bar you have a bigger problem than what to call him!!
I've known my Chief for 20 years, and it's still "Chief" at the department. Now, if we are away from the department and not in an official capacity, then it is first names.

If one of the youngers came up to me and said "Dave told us...", I'd ask him WHO? I would keep asking who, until he made the appropriate response, "Chief". A couple of times of this, and unless he is a brainless moron, will probably get the hint. I've used that tactic in my department a few times and it works.
So you get a few of the brainless ones too? Glad its not just us!
Nope. Round here its Mike or Ross And Mr.Colemen. Mr Colemen is the deputy chief and to not be called Chief dare you face the consequences
They always called our chief "chief smurf" because he is short and always wore blue hooded sweat shirts.

As a joke we put his helmet and coat on a hydrant in front of the station and a older lady driving by said "hey johnny get out of the rain" we laughed or butts off and never let him live it down.
depends are we talking about to his face or behind his back.....lol
just kidding
if we are at the hall or doing something fire department related its alway chief but he is my neighbor as well so if its around the farm or not fire related I call him by his first name.
Well, he doesnt mind Chief Wrecker Driver as much... haha
It sounds like we are in the majority up here in Pend Oreille. When it is service time/related it's Chief. Outside the fire service it is Mark. Now of course there is alittle ease amongst the officer ranks. That is by his choice, and it can sometimes be a little less formal. But no matter what, it still boils down to, he is the boss.
Our Chief does not care really whay we call him, but I usaully call him Al if I see him in public, but its Chief on any fire scene:)
i've known my chief all my life,he is one of my best friends.soo i call him by a few different names,but when it comes to things around station its chief or cheif al.other then that i feel if your gunna say somthing ask the cheif how he wants and likes to be adressed . but to show respect i think. adressing him as chief is the right way to do it .
You want to know what we call him...? Would that be to his face or when he isn't there..?? LOL....I to come from a military background...and it agitates the hell out of him when I call him sir....so when I'm not agitating (LOL) I usually call him "Chief " as do most of the members....a few that have been with him since he joined call him by his first name...but most call by title....Paul

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