I love the fact that we all have the ability to voice or thoughts on here. I am a very opinionated person and so are most of everyone on here. I believe that to do what all of us do we have to be people who are decisive in or thoughts, to go with your gut and stand up for what you say and do. That being said I also believe this makes us some of the most hard headed people in the world. The fire service is one of the hardest places to change. The old well weve always done it this way mentality is tough to break. I understand that everyones opinions arent going to match mine and I apperciate that, and thats the reason I'm here to get someone elses opinion not everyone is going to look at issues from my prespective, and it always helps to check all the angles before we make that final decision. So i guess what I am trying to say is that I am reading listening and learning from everyone but I still am stuck in that old rut of weve always done it this way!! And thanks for trying to get out of it.

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That is a very extistential post title.
Interesting post Wes. With that said, you are so very right in what you said. We have members that have been around for a long time. They aren't willing to change how things are done because, that isn't how they did it before. The one I hear alot from one member in my department is "when my father was alive, we did it this way." I do understand where he is coming from but, that was many moons ago and things have changed and we need to change with how we do things to do our job better and safer. Be safe...
Thanks I hope it made a little sense. I was trying to get across the point that on firefighter nation and on our departments there are a lot of the same problems. I am not going to agree with everone and they arent going to agree with me all the time but I will make my point and try to be open minded to there side if it. I perticapated in a discussion on positive pressure ventilation awhile back and that is a subject that seems to be a nondiscussable issue, everyone seems to be stuck in there thinking one way or the other and not open to believe the other side. I tried to make the point over and over that its not the only type of ventalation but it does work and works well and should be used when possiable just like there are times to horizontal ventalate or to trench ventalate etc...
"My mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts..." - Spock

I know what you mean Wes, we've had that problem here also. "But we've always done it that way!" It's hard to overcome, but it can be done. And then you have to train, train, and train some more on the new way so that the old way becomes a thing of the past.
What I can say to that is ,So surprise yourself one day and do something different.. When I get on hear I try to look over everthing then throw my 2 cents in.. i expect to get sometimes the other view of I 'm right you are wrong.. i weigh in on what they say then make my mind up .. I'm a Irish girl It is tough to say I am wrong,but I have to shhhhhhhh to say just between me and you yea wrong alot,but still like to throw my 2 cents out.. That is what I like about this forum. I have not incountered rude any body.. So I have tended to try a different thing or two,guess what shhhhh they were right lol....
yea thats what I am trying to say and that is what is great about this site the ability to get info from others in completly differant areas with differant problems and views. A perspective from someone outside the tunnel vision we get into always helps.
We've had that same problem too, but I feel we're doing a great job in changing some of our ethics and well your not going to please every firefighter on your department anyways so its a lost battle but as long as its a safer way to do things then so be it:)
Wes, we'll get on fine if you do it my way!!!!!!!!!! :)

You're spot on though. I wish more members would contribute, I also wish that some of the responses against some people's thoughts weren't so aggresive, to the point where it could scare others away. Have a different opinion by all means, but don't me so aggresive in attacking the author...
How silly of firefighters to post opinions on an internet forum that is designed for firefighters to...ummm...post their opinions...right???
As one person once said "Can't we all get along?" We as a whole have gotten better i think about getting along over the last year.

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