Does anyone besides me wish they would re-make the old TV series Emergency! as a modern TV show?

Don't get me wrong, I love Rescue Me, and liked Thrid Watch, but I can't watch them with my kids. I think if Emergency was remade with today's firefighters, EMTs and Paramedics are the basis, a more family-friendly yet realistic, action-packed and inspiring show could be produced.

If it was done well, I'm sure every firefighter in the Country would want their family to watch, and inspire the next generation of Firefighters and Medics.

Times change, and what was cutting-edge in the 1970's is kind of Hokie by today's standards. I think there's still enough of us Fans of Roy & Johnnie out there who would like to see it remade with modern cameras, good scripts and realistic firefighting action.

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Replies to This Discussion we remember it, probibly would not sell very well. with the image of steven mccaffery, and the gang on rescue me(some of which was shot at my former fd in NY) johnny and roy would probibly be retired by now or very senior deputy chiefs. personally, i would like to see a reality show that does not pull many punches about the modern fire service. not so much the firefighting side, but what type of people we have in the business today. most have not changed, they are still very dedicated. they just have problems of modern living (just my 2 cents)
You cant ask for family friendly and Realistic. The things we see and the feelings that we have are far from PG. Granted I agree Rescue-me is all about sex. I think it should be a T.V. series thats real, no extra off duty sex and drama.
I think Emergency! could be re-made by today's standards, just not with the same cast since they would all have to be Chief officers or retired by now! Certainly not in the same style as Rescue Me. I believe Emergency! could be done in the same style as the original, just with a modern day appeal. Look at what they did with SWAT. I thought that was an excellent re-make! I just hope it wouldn't turn out like Rescue 77! That was a hokey show! Just my 2 cents, stay safe!
Check the I don't think you'll be disappointed.

I think it would be great to see an updated version Emergency. That was my favorite show as a kid, i wanted to be just like those guys. Now...I am a firefighter / EMT.... and the ambulance i work on is none other then 51 how cool is that. They could gear it towards the kids, with todays type of emergencies. stay safe, everyone goes home.
Would Love to see a show like that back on the air I started watching Rescue Me but lost intrested, it portrays firemen as a bunch of drunks with lots of personal issues. Guess its just me but I see this as a bad image being put on all of us.
Yeo, I agree with you Wes...too much non-firefighting "crap" in Rescue Me, and it does not paint us in a good light at all.


I think we all know the show would need a face-lift to make it a "modern" TV show, but I think the basic premise is timeless. Fire-paramedics in a large Western city making numerous calls which depict, in a near-real manner the way we operate and do our business. I think that city sould still be L.A. (the orignal was set in L.A. County, not the city itself), but I think Seattle, or Pheonix or many others could be the setting for a new Emergency! just as easily.

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I think if it was done well heck yes.. loved it as a kid..
Bring them back as Chiefs getting ready to retire and the kids either coming on the job or getting promoted. And John & Roy presenting them badges or awards. Just an idea!!
I'd LOVE to see the old EMERGENCY shows remade! I loved them as a kid, and in some small part they were instrumental in me becoming a firefighter.

I agree with the parents who say that it's tough to watch Rescue Me or Third Watch with their kids nearby. And, hats off to them for having reservations about doing so, and changing the channel. I think we've drifted too far away from what any of could truthfully classify as "family" entertainment in the movies & and television these days. The old shows like Emergency & Adam-12 were true family entertainment shows that everyone could watch, devoid of the foul language and sexual sub-plots. (In case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a Dad... No need in putting things in my little girl's head that don't need to be there at her age.)

I think that bringing a show like Emergency back, and updating it would serve the Fire & EMS communities well. Keep it realistic (but not TOO realistic), keep all the sex, graphic language, screwed up family relations, and "PC" stuff out of it. Write it well, and make it into something that has both entertainment and educational values for the general public. We need to show the public what we do, but we need to do it in what I believe to be a more positive light than some of the more recent TV shows have.

Hey, somebody give Firefighter Mat Mosley in Atlanta a call... With his aerial rescue of the crane operator from the Cotton Mill fire in Atlanta a few years ago, he could probably give you about 30 minutes of screen time for a one hour long show...

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