I have been appalled at some of the more recent "discussions" and quite frankly embarrassed. This is a sight that is open to the public and viewed by many people. I can only imagine what kind of impression some of the more colorful statements give them. Yes, I do believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, and the diversity in our opinions and lives help us to grow and learn many things. My issue is with the name calling, bad-mouthing , and personal attacks. Do we really need to stoop to this level to voice our opinions? Is this the image we want the public to have of us? or even the way we want to divide ourselves from one another? It's not necessary. We all share a common bond and I believe that bond is held in our heart for Fire/Ambulance/Rescue. Imagine what it would be like if we all took a few moments before posting our reply and considered it from that place and asked ourselves if it was really helping out the discussion or if it was just gonna take away from it. With that said I can only hope to continue learning and growing through many more healthy discussions on here. This is a great opportunity for all of us to get insight and knowledge from one another, and I hope we are able to continue on that path. Be safe, Live well, Laugh often, and Love much...

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I am the wife of a devoted fireman and I am truly embarrassed and would like for him to get out now if this is the way Fireman respond to one another, I would rather live happily with my man and have him do another job where he is respected by his peers. Some of these lovely discussions people get on their soap boxes with no thoughts of how they are going to come across and this will make people start reconsidering about being on this site or any Fire/rescue/ambulance site. The more you fling mud at someone elses opinion the lower you go on being liked, some of you may not care but there are those of us who do care about things so just remember, think before you speak, it will all come out better in the end for all of those who enjoy the site. As the old saying goes "Do on to others as you would have them do unto you"
One word Windy, AMEN!!!
I think when they can't get their point across or start loosing the discussion or even just do not like someones point of view they us the name calling and degrade people. we are supposed to be a family and have educated discussions on this site so we can learn from each other not try to think we are better than anyone else. treat each other with respect and not attack each other,we should use this site to help each other and train each other so we work well with each other. our main goal is to help people and make sure we all come home safe.
I have studied this phenomenon for quite some time.
I have come to this conclusion:
Since this website doesn't have an "ignore" feature, contributors will have to take it upon themselves to ignore someone who likes to resort to those types of tactics. Don't let them suck you into their abyss. I guess you can report them, but my experience there is that it is often ignored by the moderators. Too many to deal with. Or you can do what I do and sit in the privacy of my office and laugh at what is said. I'm not the brightest bulb in the box, but some of what I have seen does my ego a world of good.
And don't forget the ones who want to start discussions and then delete them if they don't like the way the discussion is going. The quickest way to get rid of that kind is to remember who has done it and ignore their attempts to start new threads.
I am like most here. I come here to learn and be entertained.
And on occasion, I will teach if you are willing to learn.
I have already enjoyed some of you and what you have to say.
But there have been a few that I won't miss if they leave.
I agree with you on that one Art. I implement the ignore rule quite a bit. It's a shame though that when a discussion goes sour it tends to keep a lot of those who would otherwise be posting good advice from even being interested. And I can relate to the laughing part..I have spent my fair share of time laughing at the computer as well(my son thinks I've lost it) LOL -oops there i go again!...I have enjoyed several of your posts as well. Thanks for your contributions! :o)
You said alot in one little paragraph. If we cant give critism in a decent manner dont give it at all. Everyone has their own opinion and we have ours. Some times they are different and that is fine, but to come out and start bad mouthing and personally attacking someone because thier opinion is different is just uncalled for. This is about sharing our thoughts and opinions about different things and if we keep this up no one will want to participate. And that will just ruin the good times that have gone on in here. So if we cant criticize nicely then just keep your mouth shut. We need to be more curtious to others when we respond to the forums. Most of us stay in control of our tempers and thought process. Others need to think things through before typing them. We need to keep this a clean site and a respectful one.
If you are feeling emotional and want to reply to a discussion point, then collect your thoughts, type them, proof read, sit back and read it AGAIN before you hit "SEND".
If you stop and think before you put it into print, then that might be enough time to stop you from doing something that you will regret.
I understand that , in the heat of a discussion, tempers might flare, but if you stop, take a breath and cool down, bad stuff won't get said and a good discussion will continue to produce good replies.
NO ONE should be insulted simply for having an opinion.
Personally, if I truly find something offensive, be it comments about someone, or just the total lack of class displayed in a post I do not post something negative in the thread, however I dod send them a personal "WTF" note in their mail.
We need to grow up and not hide behind our computers and stand up for whats right directly. Go to the man or woman and tell them what they are doing is wrong and save the flaming for chatrooms.

We all have our issues. Al of us. Not a single person on here is perfect, but I joined this site to make friends across the field and have fun. Its also a great way to get other points of view. Not spend every night wondering who is gonna bash somebody.

And I made a post to a friend on here about his Irishness in response to his post, if anyone didnt get that it was said in jest, I do appologize...but he is a dumb mick...wink. OK an I am too, so pc police dont get wound up over it.
Is that short for "Mickey Mouse"? Mickey Finn? Mickey D's?
Help a brother out here. I'm kinda in the dark on this one.
Hi Windy I hope ya don't mind but after reading a few posts in my blog I added a post there .I hope you don't mind but I kinda feel it fits in with your statement and I would like to add it here . So to those wh are reading this I copied it and pasted it here Thank you . Ok , by no means did I expect this blog to turn out this way . Yes we have the freedom of speach and the freedom to express our own opinion. But have we all forgot what we all swore too? When we took the oath or what ever each department did we all basically took the oath to protect and defend so to say . We ALL at that point joined this brotherhood/sisterhood of firefighters...its a family unlike any other . Be it career or vollies it doesn't matter just like the color of our skin ,what sex we are, what religion we are , what our political choice is , hell it doesn't matter if you wear boxers or tiddie-whities ...hey if you guys out there wanna wear a thong ...lol thats your choice . But the thing that does matter is that we are all in this together and when we put on that uniform or respond to that call we each know that we have each others back and that we would with out thinking make that last sacrifice to ensure that we all go home together .
Lets face it people we sure as hell didn't get into the fire service to get rich . We have one of those jobs were we are loved by the public as much as we are cussed and we get paid more or less to get by . Thats why we all more or less have a 2nd and 3rd job and maybe a 4th. We are unique ..... yes things have change drasticly over the years in the fire service but one thing has not we all bleed the same . You remember those pictures and video footage from 911? the ones after both towers came down ? All ya saw where people standing or moving around in total horror and they where all covered in ash and blood . You couldn't tell who was what race ,color or even religion. They and we where and are still the same .I am not sure if what I am saying makes sense but the point is we are a family if those on the outside wanna throw the race card around or the sex card so be it let them . We are better than that .... "Racism or a brotherhood in shame " .... I don't think its race anymore I think we have let the true meaning of our brotherhood/sisterhood or in plain text the true meaning of our family ... I think we are letting that slip away and be influenced by those on the out side. I mean those days of pulling jokes ..harmless jokes are over because there are those that will file lawsuits . We have to get past that and like we preach in training ..Lets get back to the basics of who we are . What else can we do ? Ya'll wanna keep slipping into the abyss or be united like we should and stop bickering.
I briefly read a blog from a young firefighter who needed help and advice because he rescently had a relationship break up . Ya know there must of been 20 or so post to encourage this kid to get up and move on . Thats how we should be towards each other helpful pick a brother up or a sister when they are down . Some one needs help with something ? Lets give them a hand . thats all its not difficult . One day I know it'll happen ... lol I hope
I agree. Poeple just need to think before they type. Remember "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me."
You hit it right on the head Windy.

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