ok so im the only girl in my post and an on top of that im the chief of the post. i get the feeling some of the guys don't like this but im not sure. especially since i beat them at some of our drills. do any of you guys have girls in your posts and what do you think about this matter? please let me.

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hey girl!!! there are 2 girls in my squad and they do just fine! ive had absolutely no problems and the guys are just fine with it!!
You go girl!!
I am Chief Advisor for Explorer Post 2911 in Sumter County, Florida. I only have one girl in our group, but I wish I had more! She is one of my LTs. All the guys seem to goof off and get in trouble, while she is one of my hardest trainers and workers. If I could clone her I would!
Keep up the good work and don't let those guys getting upset get you down and never apoligize for beating them in anything. Your abilities should inspire them to work harder, not to whine about it.
Edith Hurst
well, not soundin cocky or arrogant but they havent yet. one has beat my lt. and he just acted like he got beat by a guy!
hey, wait a second, miss has me get up at 6 and then not even talk to me, i said the girls in my firehouse, but idk, i mean, im pretty good lol.
lol ur hillarious chelsea, come to my firehouse lol!!!
yeah ok chelsea, u best just stay in new prospect and leave racing the reaper up to the stewart county fire service
I'm not in any post. around here its called a company and i'm a jr but we got a girl who jus turned 18. youd never catch her in with me though. she has proved time and time again in drill she cant drag me out and im onne of the lighter ones. I say if you can do it i don care what sex you are. theres guys here that ppl refusde to go in wit
Dont worri Chelsea I am also a Fire Chief and I dont let my guys get away with anything and I just tell them if they dont like me doing a better job to stop complaining and try to a better job and prove them self. Keep up the good work and I also have 2 other females on my depatment.
If you are going to delete all your posts, you may as well delete the entire thread.
i didnt delet anything and why would i this is the first time i post a messege to her
I was the only female when i was an explorer and the guys had no problems with it. although i felt like a loner because i was the only girl..but i proved them wrong..I spent 5 years as an explorer and in that time frame only one other girl joined. but hey you just gotta prove those guys wrong and work hard and do your best..prove to them that your passionate about being a firefighter and in the end they will respect you for wanting to do what you love.

I have been a firefighter for 17 years and i love it and got the respect of all my guys, I have been fire chief for 9 years now and when i go to sepdown and be just a firefighter the rest of the dept, and my township board wont let me they say they respcet me and do a hellof a job. And that the giys will only listen to me which makes me feel good and i wouldnt give it up for nothing.

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