We were at the station discussing who was licensed and who wasn't to drive the rigs,,, the short answer here is anyone with a class 4a permit, no matter what the size of vehicle or configuration. To get this you simply have to take a written gimme test. That seems to be how its done here in quebec,,, what about the states and other provinces here in canada i am curious.

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I know down here in Virginia, all you need is a regular drivers lic. and take an EVOC class to drive.
Same in Ohio
Well, in North Carolina, if you are a volunteer - all you need is a regular class c license (passenger car). Volunteers are exempt from the following: If you are a paid or career firefighter, you are required to have a class b license (over 26,000 lbs GVW).

The only other consideration is if you are driving a tractor trailer or tiller unit, then you have to have a class a (articulated vehicle & over the weight for a class b). Then most departments require you have to have either EVD or EVOC certification.
Down here in Texas, you have to have a class B, either commercial or non-commercial to drive anything above 26k GVW.
In Kentucky you need a regular OL (passanger car) I however have a Class A CDL (rig). The benifit is if your Chief will varify your abi;ity all you need to do is pass the writen test for your Class B (straight Truck)
It's called a DZ license in Ontario. Other provinces call it something different, like class 3, etc. It basically licenses you to drive over 11 000kg, as long as the towed vehicle does not exceed 4600kg. Basically, no transports, but firetrucks, dump trucks, anything single axle, etc. Z is the airbrakes endorsement. You can't have an interview here for the job without that license, so we are all licensed to drive the rigs.
you are right here in quebec it is class 3 the same as your dz, here its mf m for manual transmission and f for airbrake endorsement, but here if you get class 3 they automatically give you 4a wich is emergency vehicle. it just seems odd to me and i am going to take a lot of flack for this is that in order to drive ten wheeler you have to take your class 3 unless it is registered as an emergency vehicle then hell take this gimme test and we will give you a 4a and then you are covered .
I'm not sure I understand what you're saying? If you take your 3, it automatically covers you for emergency vehicles... but if you don't take your 3, there's a simple test for ALL emergency vehicles? I know I could have added the B (I think it's B) in Ontario that would allow me to drive ambulances, but that's just a written test. The D covers the smaller trucks and A would cover all trucks.

I am disappointed to see that a lot of areas will allow you to drive a fire truck without a special license, just a regular driver's license (class G here). After reading the thread about EVOC, it sounds like we have a lot of drivers out there who are not fully prepared to handle the vehicles they are driving.
yes spanner that is what i am saying if you take your 3 they give you 4a wich covers any emergency vehicle from a police car to an ambulance right on up to a ladder truck, but you don't need 3 to get 4a you just have to go take a rubber stamp pass me written test,,, scary huh. They won't let you drive a motorcycle without a year with a probationary permit, but any jackass can drive a firetruck. or in quebec any sized motor home for that matter.
yikes, that is scary? No driver testing?? And we wonder why the roads aren't safe, eh? lol
No special license, other than an F endorsement if you are driving the ambulance.

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