I finally got my test date for the FireFighter I test, this Wednesday, and I am really nervous about taking it. I have noticed that while taking some of the practice test for it that they really try to trick you with some of the questions that they ask you. I have also noticed that they ask a lot of questions about things that in this area we don't use like questions about high-rise buildings or trenches. I was just wondering how hard was it for some of you when you took the real test and did you pass it on your first try. I have already passed my Haz-mat Awareness test and practical's, so the written FFI test is all that I have left to get my certification as FFI. I am just hoping that they don't ask alot of question's about things like measurements using the metric system or about things that firefighter's in New York should know because we don't have the same type of buildings down here in Louisiana. Can any of you point out some of the major things that I should be studing?

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I took mine back in Feb. and I will tell ya......it is not all that hard but the question will trick you....there are several Diff. test they give but on mine there was alot about Fire Beh.....Venting.....IC.....there were several ladder questions some knots.....almost alittle of everything ......I am here in Ga not sure if there is a diff. test between here and there
I would just worry about what was taught in your FF1 course. The State will only test you on the subjects in your textbook. Study it from cover to cover, and you should do fine. I don't recommend the "osmosis method" of studying though. That's where you sleep with the book under your pillow and hope that you absorb the information! All kidding aside, just study your textbook and you should pass without a hitch! Good luck and stay safe!
If you have your tests from school read those. Here most of the questions were taken right from them. This is a good place to start with studing. Another thing dont read more into the question than what they are looking for. Alot of people do and that is where they get screwed up with the right answers. If you know what you are doing for most part and look over the old tests you will do fine. Good luck and be safe.

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