Unless they are photos of you at the beach, please don't post shirtless photos of yourself.
There are other websites for that.
; )

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Couldn't have said it better myself.
hahaha... funny! maybe some of us like looking at the photos without shirts on!! Jusst kidding, I like to leave something to the imagination as well. That goes double for women who want to be taken seriously and post bikini shots.
If you can read the catogories this aint the place for any of it.Kindly treat this site with respect,PLEASE
What a great remark! But that goes double for the women! They complain about wanting to be equals and then post pics like they think they are in playboy! How do you get taken serious as a firefighter when you do that? That is my issue with the women's pics, want to be taken serious, act serious, same to the men. I would hate to see this website become trashy. What a waste that would be.
I agree that we should keep the content firefighting related. Unfortunately with an open forum as we share on this site, you can't regulate the photo's as much. As far as women in skimpy clothing, or a fake firefighters suit (bedroom atire) I am a man and a pervert and don't mind seeing these things, but on the same token, I understand that this is the SOUL REASON for the respect for women in the firehouse columns. Before any of you other brothers of mine take arms up about this, take the time to fish a couple of these photo's out of the collection of the site and look at their comments. Look amongst yourselves and see who has mostly females on their friends list. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the pattern. If a guy has a picture of themself on the site, who cares!!!! Continue to lead by example and when you see the mini picture don't click on it, go to the next. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them all drink.
Well well....sounds like this has sparked some fire! LOL It doesn't bother me one way or another if someone has their shirt on or off, but I can see how it could cause some issues on a very fine sight. For those of you that are looking to date a firefighter, there is another website for that, you can find it at www.singlefirefighters.com. Maybe it's just best we keep this one clean eh? Seems like the majority would like it that way, and so as brothers and sisters it shouldn't be that hard to respect. Peace..
No disrespect, but lose the caps and maybe use some punctuation so I can understand what you're trying to say. Sorry, this post is almost impossible to decipher.
I didn't mean for a big argument to break out. Although I can see where the debate starts and continues.
My initial comment was sparked by opening up the Main Page and scrolling down and seeing in the New Photos some guy with his beefcake photos of himself. Seemed kind of cheesy.

Play nice.
LOL so what you're saying is that you're intimidated by the beefcake photos? Maybe we should just start a discussion on beefcakes and let everyone post there if they want and get it outta their systems! That way, they can all show off their bodies, and only those who want to see it can check it out! LOL I might visit at least once! LOL Sorry! Just had to raz ya a bit! Look what you stirred up ! xxx
We are complaining about some of the guys and girls on here with thier shirts off. Did any of you complain when baywatch was on. or how many of you get playboy at home. there is alot of this kind of stuff right on tv every night but do we bat an eye. but when people on this web sit show it we have a big ass problem. if you don't want to see don't look. i pesonally don't care and if the women want to do it go ahead. what these people do doesn't affect me one bit. some should do it and others shouldn't but these people all have a choise to do it. now don't tell me none of you guys run around on a 90 degree saturday afternoon. everybody sees you then is that any different? So if it doesn't effect you don't worry about it. and if the women do want respect which most have in here they won't do anything they are ashamed of any way.
If a man is considered a beefcake, what a woman considered? A turkeypie? LOL :oD
Beefcake. Cheesy or not?
; )

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