Hey all whats the buzz on the 48/96 work schedule? good? bad?

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24/72 court ordered! wow, nice schedule! I think it would make more sense to go to 12 hour shifts, like DC and FDNY.
I get your point, it is expensive there. But on my job we have guys living 180 miles away, where are they for a call back when their brothers at work need help? There are LA city FF living in Yakima and Bellingham Washington. I am just saying those guys do not give a shit about the city they work for. Why should they they live 1200 miles away. The 24/96 just makes that possible for more people. While I was union president it was hard enough to get people to do political action to protect their job, benefits and pensions, when they live 120 miles away, well those guys never showed up. The guys that live in town carried their water for them. I know there are some cities that people with any sense do not want or cannot afford to live in. But there are many places that would be better off if the work force lived in the community they served.
Not saying I would like that shift. Yet I don't think the argument about those who work that shift have a "low call volume". Some of the west coast departments, like Compton, for instance are busy. West Coast is also very expensive to live. And they are under the gun just like the majority of us are.

If the rank and file want to work that shift that's up to them. During my career I had worked some crazy shift schedules that I don't think anyone else ever had heard of. Unless YOU are the one who has to work a particular shift, your opinion is your right, but that's about as far as it goes.

As for the residency thing, that's a compound probelm. Personally (opinion) liviing in the community you work in allows you to have a vote which means you MAY have an option when it comes time to dump someone who is negative to your department, and you have a voice as a taxpayer.

Yet there are those places where it just isn't atractive or desirable to live. That does NOT mean you are any less dedicated. That's another argument that is personal.
Yeah, I see your points Jeff, I am just giving my opinion like you said. I don't expect anyone to do what I say nor do they have to agree with me. We have many dedicated men that live out of the city, I guess it is easy to focus on those that are just there for a paycheck and want everything their way. The other side deserves more credit.
My Department has been working a 48/96 for two years now and the vast majority of our members really enjoy this schedule. We do have those moments when we have a 20 call day, but they don't happen very often. If we are up all night, we just sleep in a little bit on day two, provided we don't have anything scheduled. This sched. would be a pain for really busy Depts.though. On the plus side, as a Department, we are actually using less sick time. It really is handy to drive in to work just once a week!
Way too long!
If you want your FF's to live farther away and be less connected and less interested in the city they work for, then by all means do it.
DC is 24/72
Spokane works a 24/72 as well, quite common in Washington. Seattle, Tacoma, Everett and many others. Ours was a result of tough negotiations, but then we have a supportive bargaining law as a result of lots of political action.

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