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First I'd like to say thanks for the warm welcome. I know this is an old topic but i was tasked to gather information on the 48/72 work schedule.  Is there anyone out there who already switcted from the 24/24 that has information to pass on? If so I'd really appreciate it.



Joshua Mendiola

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We have considered it still looking for more info and other feedback as well.
I have heard both good and bad about it. We work a 24/48 it works out ok.
I could never handle 48/72. We would average about 40 runs/tour with my engine alone. haha We run 24/72 and I love ir. Used to have 24/48 until it become court mandated to add the extra shift do to the high call volume/burnout. Before that I think it was similar to FDNY and BCFD's schedule.
We already work 24/72, that averages to a 46.1 work week, we have 9 days a year that we work out of that schedule as well. That gives us the 46.1 ww. Anyone working on a company that goes on more that 3000 calls a year would be nuts to agree to 48 hour shifts. I would vote no on it if our local proposed it. Boise Idaho is working 48/96 right now. I personally think it is bad for a department for the following reasons. 1) too many members already live out of our city, their care level for city politics is not what a member's is that lives in town is because it is not their mayor or council. That shift would let people live even farther away because they would commute less. 2) less members in our city would mean less of their salaries being spent in our city, equals less tax revenue to pay their salaries with. 3) 1/3 of our companies go on 2500 or more calls a year, 48 hour shift means tired FF, being tired is like being drunk, unsafe. 4) it gives our enemies one more thing to pound us with. Just an opinion, thanks.
My dept has been on 48/24 because of the shortage of manpower . This is with two guys to a truck . Last shift we had 3 working house fires in one shift and the funny thing is our chief use to make us stay out of the stations till 5 pm every day even if you were on ot and had no sleep the night before.

That sucks! Hopefully you guys were able to get some sleep. As greg said in the earlier post a tired firefighter is like a drunk firefighter. Very dangerous.

Stay safe!
We're going to a 24 hour schedule soon. It is not a cut and dry schedule like the 24/72, but it still works out to an average of 42 hours a week.
I could never do the 48/72, being away from family might be nice for some people, lol, but too many people with kids, single parents, pets, etc, etc... 48 hours is a long freaking time to be in the same house with some people you may also only tolerate!! lol.
Ouch. I really don't have anything else to say to that. That is horrible. I suppose with manpower issues, it would be nearly impossible to get kelly days for all of those extra hours you work, and there wouldn't be any opportunity for overtime. How long are you expected to do this before they will man the rigs properly? We have one rig in the city that is manned with 2 (snuffer truck) and the poor guys are left high and dry all the time because the second due response in there is usually a long response. It's dangerous.
(hmm, I guess I had more to say).
I hope this is resolved for you soon!
48/96 is better, you actually do not even have to hire another crew, works on the 3 platoon staffing model and gives more down time, family time, etc. I have suggested this, but most of the guys here complain that they will be "too bored"...
So you have two shifts that work 24 on 24 off? The 48/96 would the same but alot depends on the department and the mission. How many calls are you running? If you are running alot of calls would the 2 - 24's back to back afford enough rest for a safe environment? Changing to 48's means for some, very challenging tasks like babysitting.... (single parents) pets, and other commitments. That can add to some stress that will increase the sick time useage.

OK here is the chief in me talking... (appologizing in advance)

From an administration side of the change, 48's will increase less production. increase whiny / tired firefighters from a couple of calls after midnite on night one, so day two would basically be a wash... forget about training, maintenance or chores. Currently you go home and you are supposed to rest on your own time. Then there is the increased sick time and overtime for backfilling call outs. Then the workers comp claims for possibly tired, run down firefighters with sickness. Then I suspect your department probably relies on call back to cover the station or respond on big fires with reserve equipment when it gets busy... the 96 off will afford everybody to get second jobs easier (block time off) or leave town for short trips and /or vacations and actually reduce the departments call back protection.

Your basically in a jam. Not enough firefighters to go three platoons or three shifts...
48's will increase less production

Isn't that like an oxymoron?

I am not talking about less production while responding to calls. But if you have a tough night on the first night of your 48, or even just a few calls after midnite for slower department's, day two would basically become less productive. Currently you crawl your ass home in the morning for at least a 24 hour rest period (supposed to rest that is) but most go to job 2. Then rest after a days work... The Chief's currently see the on-coming shift arriving rested; without a reason to claim being tired and requesting to rack out.

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