Updating... While I made a valiant effort, I must admit that I have managed to fall off the wagon after a short 3 months. I was doing good so I thought to myself,  but a weak moment caught me off guard and I haven't stopped since. I must say though, that it wasn't as rough as I had thought it would be. I hope to get it all back together here soon and give it another go. (Hope you guys/gals had better luck than me!)


First and foremost Happy New Year to all on FFN! I hope your year is everything you make it to be!


That being said what are some of goals for this year? Are you going to drop those pounds you keep saying every year? How about quit smoking/chewing? More family time? Vacation? Etc...


I personally would like to put the smokes down. I've never really made an attempt at quitting but I'd like to start now. There's a couple others but this is the main one. Let's hear what you guys got planned.

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Congrats sir! Wishing you a speedy recovery. I am sure it will be great. Hope you get to go back (if you wish to that is) It sucks when you want to go back but can't. I would love to be in your shoes right now and have the opportunity if you decide to continue. Either way, good luck to you! Happy New Year!
My goals are ;

1- Continue to put God first
2- Be a better father-husband
3- Finally sell the house and move
4- Make a differance in my community

God Bless you all and Be Safe .
REALLY !!! NOW that heads this conversation into an entirely new direction...

uhm... is that all you are concerned about when I sit in tears ???

I am not sure what a fire triangle is - so to speak - but if it means getting hot southern action from your wife - would I still need you?

Since you have a smokin' hot wife... I'm just saying...

maybe with your desire to kick us women to the curb and deprive us of your sweet sweet southern charm and sweet sweet southern love... maybe I have to re-think my approach...

but come on - can't you just kick the rest of them to curb and keep me


most waterproof mascara... 50% petroleum distillates... carcinogenic... so maybe not so much...

guess I must dial back the tears to solve the problem you uncovered...
We women are excited about the possibility of a smokeless you - it is WAY SEXIER to kiss... and....


Upper case, AND BOLD? You must be serious.
Well Miss Trouble, your charm has won me over...I'll keep you. Plus, I'm afraid you'll talk to my wife and I stay in enough hot water with her as it is and don't need any help from you ...So I am one 2011 resolution you will keep.
Get into better shape. We started off the New Year with a 3k hangover walk/run. I am not into running, especially crosscountry, but I did enjoy the walk. My walking companion I am sure would have preferred the car and a bucket... :)
My goal is to build B shift in to the best Mission ready shift on our Department. Training and safety being number 1.
Complete my NREMT-P program. After a 17 year hiatus from being a NREMT-P to be a good parent..hopefully I succeeded there..Got to get my P back and continue to be a good parent.
if she was really serious...she would have italicized HA :>
Does this mean if you sell the house and move, you are making a difference in the community??LMAO....

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