In the early morning hours of May 2nd 1991 I came into this world at Latrobe Area Hospital (Latrobe, Pennsylvania). My Mother told me when i was born she could tell I had a special gift but, She never thought that I would live to help people.

Growing up I was Always Fascinated by fire trucks and my childhood dream was to become a Firefighter. I have 3 Uncles in the Fire Service and one of them Particular (My Uncle Raymond) would take me every so often to the fire station. I loved sitting in the Trucks and looking at all the equipment. When I turned 17 I dropped out of school and moved to New Florence with my dad. Being 17 in June in a new town and no friends was pretty boring. Then My neighbor who was a firefighter at my current station. Came up to me and asked me If I wanted an Application.

After I was excepted into the Fire Dept I was at the station everyday Cleaning, going over equipment, just anything i could do to be down there. A year later I decided to become an EMT. With the Ambulance Station across the street from the hall and a few good friends my 2nd Dream came true. I started off as A Volunteer doing ride alongs. Then I was working the Med-Van. Great Right? Well when i Finally found a Class at Greensburg Mutual Aid I was Ecstatic. But due to me not working much I could'nt Afford the class ): Thankfully The Fire Dept Offered to Pay for half of my class ( and i could never be so Thankful to those guys)

So Here I am 19 years old. A Volunteer Firefighter, And an Emergency Medical Technician. Doing what I love to do the Most. Helping people in need. My Family Always tells me how Proud i made them. I've Proven That I didn't need a Diploma to Get a good job. ( Mind you I'm Planning on Getting my GED very soon). My Mother always tells me how much she worries when she hears my station being called out on her scanner but, Also how proud she is of me for doing what I do.

I've been called alot of things in my life by Classmates, friends, even Family like A nobody, A loser, Fat, Ugly, Gay, Homo. you name it. And i will never forget those hurtful names. But Other names i've been called from complete Strangers I will never forget my entire life like A Hero, A Role Model, An Angel. I dont like to think of myself as a Hero because for one im not. It's just a job I chose and love to do. I never ask for special treatment nor do i ever expect it. I'm a Human being like everybody else.

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Comment by Brian Mackie on June 15, 2010 at 9:58am
Shane, nice story. You touched on a couple of very good points. In particular, getting your GED or finishing school. Good for you. I hope you will do that. In the emergency services, you can always tell when its time to get out. When you think you know enough, when you have no desire to learn anymore or teach anyone, and when you don't. You have a long and successful career ahead of you IF you want to keep it. I wish you all the very best. As for the hero part, you are right again. Not a hero. Think of it as this, "an ordinary person, doing extraordinary things"
That's what people in the emergency services are.

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