What is the best way to slow traffic ?

We do a lot of traffic control in our area. We have a major single lane US highway, lots of blind curves and over 6 % grade. One of the first things we do on a scene is set up a safety zone. Sometimes that means stopping traffic but often all we have to do is slow traffic ahead of the accident so the guys around the curve at the scene can direct them around. We carry the requisite vests/wands/signage but often folks still just fly past us. Stopping traffic is easier because we can block the lane but that causes other safety issues especially on a single lane .

Folks tend to abide by "STOP" signage but ignore "SLOW".

This is a day and night issue, although night seems worse.

How do you slow traffic ?

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Comment by Andrew Dalgarno on August 24, 2009 at 9:42pm
I agree with Dustin...

If we are first on the scene, we shut down the highway. Park apparatus across it so no one can get through. After the fire/accident is dealt with, then we will work in conjunction with Police to re-open the highway, usually one lane at a time. We (almost) never re-open on our own, in case the cops want to do an investigation (skid marks, etc.). Keep in mind this is a standard single lane, not free-way style highway.

We shut it down mainly for safety (but also accident investigation, as mentioned above). We never know how many we are going to get to a call, so we usually don't have the man-power to direct traffic.

Comment by Dustin J. Millis on August 24, 2009 at 12:18am
LOL... I like Paul's idea!

As for my dept.... if PD is already on scene controlling traffic, we let them do their thing and pretty much let them direct it all. If we are 1st on scene and the accident/emergency is on a public street, the road is shut down! No question about it! Whether its a head on collision, minor PI, or a person who fell in the street and broke a leg, the road is shutdown. Weve all just seen too many ff's get injured because some asshole in their Mercedes talking on a cellphone and drinking a latte comes flying through an emergency scene and causes even more problems. Once the pt's are clear of the scene and ambulatory, the road can open again.
Comment by Paul Montpetit on August 23, 2009 at 4:23pm
signage or get one reallly hot looking babe and have her stand on the opposite side of the road naked....should do the trick......
Comment by Jeff Rollins on August 23, 2009 at 3:16pm
We use the 3' x3' Fold & Roll sign, same as most DOT's use. "Emergency Scene Ahead" it is fluorescent pink, you can see it from far away. In conjunction with the sign, we use an arrow stick and cones. We find this very effective.

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