This was written by Rel LT. John Gariti of the Chicago Fire Department and really hits the nail on the head of the best job in the world. Tell me what you think.

Running into a burning building sounds crazy Watching firefighters disappear into the black smoke sometimes even a vacant building because maybe there could be a homeless person. (It's what we do!)

Cutting a person out of a car that's on fire and then crawling inside of it to extricate someone! Why would anyone? Because it's what we do!

Crawl into a hole in the ground where there is a collapse, confined space, trench ? Are these people on a suicide mission? Not quite! It's just what we do.

Diving into Lake Michigan when the waves are 6 feet or diving into the Chicago river at 2:00 am with zero visibility some watch and probably think "Wow fireman do that too? And probably wonder why would anybody want to disappear into those waters and risk their lives? Because that's what we do.

Use your imagination, come up with your worse most unsafe scenario and wonder who is going to clean this mess up and then the Firefighter and paramedics and police pull up and you feel good when they do and then you say Thank God someone is willing to do these jobs and possibly not return home to their loved ones to save someone else and you ask yourself lWhy! Because that's what we do.

To all of our brothers and sisters who have given their lives in the line of duty for all of us who critique and wonder if they or we could have done something different would they still be there ? The bottom line is ..they were doing their best and giving their all to make a difference in an ugly and dangerous scenario!

Don't always question whether or not they made a mistake or maybe someone else made a mistake. But believe that God decided that this special person's time on earth was complete and it was their time to go to a divine place. And just be aware that what they have done might have made a difference in another's life and just ask Why Did they? And then answer Because it's what they do! John Gariti

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