i know that no one really likes funerals but today i went to a really emotional one... A junior firefighter lost her daddy tuesday morning to a massive heart attack and we as the junior firefighters went to the funeralvisitation to support her... I think it was the hardest thing i have ever had to do, even harder than the funeral for family members i have been to recently..

The man was a decorated war veteran and immediately when you walk in you see the honor guard men walking around and those guarding the coffin, you smell the sickly sweet scent of flowers and then you see one of your good friends standing diligently by her daddy's coffin, mascara streaked on her face trying to be brave as people she doesnt even know try their best to comfort her. Her mother is adjusting things in the coffin trying to make him look the best he can. Then the guard changes and people respectfully step out of the parlor and allow the guard and the family to be the only ones in the room for this solemn event. At this point my eyes were watering and i was at the back of the line... a slidehow is playing of his life to the song "you should have seen it in color," family members and friends are dabbing their eyes as our group makes their way in, the advisers dressed in uniform, us juniors dressed nice. We were all able to keep ourselves composed as we watch the guard change 2 more times.... our head advisor walked up to give her a very fatherly hug and she just broke down sobbing and every time i heard her cry it was like a knife in my heart.. this girl is tough, she has numerous medical problems and still shes able to put a smile on someones face everyday and to see her break down like that just bothered me to no end.. i sobbed and when i got up to her i just gave her a big hug and we cried together for a little while... i walk out and get to the parking lot where my ride is iwaiting and we all had red eyes.... its something that you cant describe to see a man who in his free time saves lives and property crying.. it really makes you realize that no matter how tough you seem or act, that we all have the same emotions....

i ask you to pray for my friend in her time of need.... unfortunately this is the second time in the last year a junior firefighter has lost their father unexpectedly... but its so much different when youa re really close to the person and actually know the deceased... please pray for my friend... lord knows she needs it

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Comment by David "slick" Rivers on March 6, 2010 at 8:40pm
Sure thing I will keep all of yall in my prayers....
Comment by Jay Nicholson on March 5, 2010 at 10:15pm
For me, the bitchy thing about aging isn't the creeks, the gray hair, mid-life crises etc. It's the regular, seems like weekly, funeral I attend. I've got one next Friday for a friend's mother. We attend to show our support, to grieve with the family and to say our goodbyes. You did what you had to and your friend will be grateful for years to come. You, your friend and her father will be in my prayers tonight.
Comment by Paul Montpetit on March 5, 2010 at 8:09am
Yes, it is hard to say goodbye to someone and even worse try and ease the pain of those left behind...wait though...the worst I ever had was that of another Firefighter...one that had gone in with me in the past....we put our lives on the line for one another frequently and when one of these "Brothers" pass part of us goes with them.....Take care...Keep the Faith....God Bless.......Paul

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