For well over a month, our lives and the lives of millions of people across six of the seven continents, have been turned upside down. The loss of life has been like nothing that has been seen since 1918! And the interruptions to our lives, from home quarantines, online schooling for our children, a ridiculous run on toilet paper, etc.


My guest on this podcast is Anthony Mangeri, a certified Public Manager, volunteer firefighter/EMT and he has many years’ experience in public health management. In this episode, Anthony guides us on the path of facts, not fables. You may have heard some of what he shares, yet I am sure that there will be some info that you will find worthwhile.


We want you, our first responders to be safe. This is a whole new EMS world that we have never seen before. For firefighters and law enforcement, often the first ones on-scene, we want you to be safe.


Tune in on your favorite podcast platform, our website, or our host at

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Comment by 5-Alarm Task Force Corp. on August 14, 2020 at 1:44pm

thank you, brother for your reply, however I must respectfully disagree with you on several levels. We have lost close to 50 of our comrades, specifically due to Covid-19. I know families in our community who have lost members to Covid-19. Are classification errors being made in places? Absolutely, but they are acts of "omission" rather than "commission.

The news about O-Neg providing immunity to "all types of viruses..." there is one article, not yet peer reviewed, from Yale, that both types of Type O blood might provide a lower infection rate.I am O+ and have remained hyper-alert and careful every day since the alerts went out.

I'm unable to buy in to your bio-weapon theory. I have been lucky to speak with numerous physicians and researchers on this topic and there is no hint, let alone proof, that this assertion is true.

Sometimes, real science is worse than any fiction one could write and the novel coronavirus is just the newest of these types of viruses that also cause the common cold, the variant strains of the flu, HIV, Ebola, SARS, etc.

Stay Safe & Stay Well!

Comment by Raymond Dean (Boyd) Cooper on August 14, 2020 at 10:49am
I believe the virus is real. And I believe it was released on the public as a bio weapon. Who? idk. But I do know the statistics of deaths are not real. Its like a terrorists with a bomb they put everything in just fizzed and made pretty colors. But in a serious note. Too many hospitols are using covid as the cause of death in car accidents and drowning and obvious situations where not the case to allow them to be given emergency funding. It's caused a boogieman that isn't really as bad as they claim it is. But now they are saying Type-0 neg. Bloodtype has a resistance to all types of viruses. Including Covid19. I happen to be O- neg. So maybe I'm not as scared of it as others. Or whats the deal. Anyone seen deaths obviously not Covid being called Covid deaths?

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