I know there have been a large volume of posts about the Christmas season. (My Christmas is your holiday, suck it up) I write a blog here and there to stir up some thought process.

I have read Art (ChiefReason) and Mel's (FASNYtraining or Mary Ellen Shea) fantastic blogs about the Christmas season and have enjoyed both. I agree whole heartedly that this season more than any other, it is time to help those in our communities around us who are (amazingly) less fortunate. At a time where job lay-off's are happening left and right and companies’ closing their doors is increasing, it is extremely depressing. Statistically, when faced with a recession, the word Depression is brought up. The cases of Depression and suicide increase dramatically when financial despair gives some folks a feeling of hopelessness. It is this time in combination with the holidays and a lack of being able to provide for their families that drive some over the edge. Befriend those around you to help curtail this from happening. Give your friends some hope that there are better days ahead.

Photobucket (yes this is our tree)

This Christmas my children are all extremely excited. They have been spoiled the past few years when the economy wasn't in such tough shape. I have instilled the true meaning of Christmas into my oldest 2 and as my youngest son Jackson grows, he will learn also. My children have done things that I never had with them this year to try and bring back Christmas the way it used to be. We made construction paper ringed garland, (for the home decor, not the tree) family ornaments from Cinnamon and good old Elmer’s glue (they smell awesome) and paper snowflakes. (Cheap and a blast!!) Bringing some of these fun projects back to memory and to use in the current time has been a blast and has been an enjoyable experience for the children as well.

Paper Chain Garland Pictures, Images and Photos
Cinnamon Gingerbread Men Xmas Ornaments Pictures, Images and Photos

paper snowflakes display Pictures, Images and Photos(images used from photobucket to show examples)

Without divulging into the religious aspect of Christmas (as I did with the kids) this is the time where you need FAMILY!! This is the time where that petty fight that created an invisible barrier needs to be overcome. This is the season of love and joy. This is the time to bring it all home. Spending time to mend a broken fence generally only has rewards for all of those involved. Make time to be with your family. Try to begin a project that involves everyone in your home. Kids love to be involved. Make cookies where your children roll the cookie dough, or cut shapes, or help you mix. This time now will be remembered for a long time.

In closing, don't contribute to the feeling of Christmas having to come with a hefty price tag. Make it about the little things and you will find you will enjoy the humble and much more personal side of your life that perhaps has been lacking. Even when you have nothing else, you always have each other.

Live, laugh and love like there’s no tomorrow.

Merry Christmas an have a SAFE New Year

Merry Christmas Pictures, Images and Photos

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Comment by Engineco913 on December 24, 2008 at 3:59pm
Merry Christmas everyone!
Comment by turk182 on December 23, 2008 at 5:32pm
We have Santa come every year and invite all kids in our area to attend then we give them treat bags.

If we have enough bags left over we will call the local hospital to see if they have kids in and will take it to them.

Comment by Mike Schlags (Captain Busy) Retd on December 23, 2008 at 12:45am

This years before Christmas present to me was my wife's car breaking again and my daughter telling me that she cannot come up with her tuition for this quarter at the University... so, maybe it's going to be a lean Christmas for the Schlags family this year but everyone knows that it's not about the presents but family being able to be together, sharing memories and a fondness for one another, capturing the moments with memories and pictures. This year, I'm not at the fire station over Christmas which for whatever reason, ended up with "B" shift having to work... Why is it that "C" shift always gets Christmas off? Anyway, with my not going back to the floor until the beginning of January, I find myself able to enjoy being with my family over the holidays and am treasuring every moment.

Peace on earth and goodwill toward men...
Comment by Art "ChiefReason" Goodrich on December 22, 2008 at 2:23pm
There is much wisdom in what you say.
I think that the most important part of Christmas is the social aspect. Getting together, eating, talking, enjoying each others' company; that's the real reason, isn't it?
We do we have to set our sights too high and in the process, increase our stress level if we can't get THE HOT ONE for this year's Christmas?
I am sitting in my office today listening to my boss drafting a "lay-off" letter for our employees. No; not everyone is being laid off, but by state law, we most notify everyone at least 60 days prior to the date of lay off. Since we partner with a world leader in earth moving equipment and they have announced, now, it is our turn.
How's that for the Holiday season? You're right, Mike. This year more than ever before, it is important to join together and lift each other up.
If Obama has a magic wand, he'd better start using it.
I will make sure that we have a nice holiday season.
Comment by BillySFCVFD on December 22, 2008 at 2:18pm
I'm with ya E913. TCSS

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