Another police officer's life was taken here in Penn Hills, a suburb of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. This occurred as a result of a domestic incident. Such a senseless act! Such a senseless loss of life! What is wrong with society? How did we get to this point where we as a human race have no respect for one another? No respect for the law? No respect for those who are sworn to protect us each and everyday? Where are we heading? Who will protect us when the offenders of the laws of the land and man take over? Another domestic incident has taken the life of a police officer. Another domestic incident has gone awry. Another domestic incident has claimed someone else's family member, who without a badge, had a life so precious. And with the badge on, was sworn to preserve and protect the preciousness of every life he or she ran into. Oh another sad day is upon us. At anytime of the year, losing a life is tragic for those involved. But when you think about this time of year, the time of year when we welcome life; when we welcome a gift from God; when we welcome that gift of God given to preserve us, protect us and save us ! God sent us his only Son, who willingly gave his life for us so that we may live in the grace of his Father; who gave his life as payment for the sins that the human race committed. More than 2000 years have passed sinced and yet we are still destroying ourselves. We worry about saving the Earth. Ha! It won't matter ! The Earth has been around for billions of years. The Earth isn't going anywhere fast. We are though. We should change focus and worry about saving ourselves and those who are around us. We have allowed ourselves to be placed into situations where we ship jobs overseas. We allowed ourselves to accept more imports than we are allowed to export. We have allowed ourselves to borrow from the savings we worked so hard to earn, only to have those earnings get lost somewhere in the government budget. We allow ourselves to work two and three jobs to support our families, our way of life, and the material things that we must have. These are just a few examples. I'm sure I could go on. We place ourselves into stressful conditions. We find ourselves in situations where we will hurt or even kill, when simply walking away could have done a world of good. Last night, that domestic incident could have been avoided. That man could have walked away. However, the stresses got to him. Don't misunderstand me. He was wrong to take a life and he deserves to be punished when caught! That police officer sworn to keep the peace, responded to a cry for help. That police officer couldn't look away and couldn't walk away from that incident. There was a job to be done. That police officer's life was taken by someone who placed himself into a situation created by himself. That police officer did his job. The attention paid by that officer drew the attention off of the person or people needing help. That police officer gave his life in doing so. God's Son drew attention off of us when He offered his life for what we did wrong. It's a curious analogy, that's all I'm saying. I pray for that police officer and his family. I also pray for us to walk away from the situations we place ourselves in. I pray for us all to have the guidance necessary so we can change the way society is. I pray for the allowance of change that will bring more positive in our lives than negative. While the preservation of our earth is important, it is the preservation of the lives within and upon this earth that is much more important.

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