I have kept my blog silent today because of George Carlin. However, today was also the first day of my Firefighter I class at the Morris County Training Academy and I wanted to tell you all about it while it was fresh in my mind.

I didn't sleep well last night, so nervous that I wasn't going to wake up on time to be on time. I was so nervous that I was basically awake the whole night! I was running on time and had to drop off my son to camp on the way, pick up my SCBA and mask, grab a coffee and get organized being it was the first day.

I brought my powder and sunscreen out to the car, and my books, and did what I always do but will NEVER do again. I tossed the keys in my trunk while I packed my gear. And then SLAM! I closed my trunk with the keys inside. I was so upset I woke up the other kids (we had a major sleepover last night).

I started to almost hyperventilate. My husband had left for work and was about 20 minutes from home and couldn't come back. I remembered the instructors were so stern about not being late to class. And I am a bit of a model student always doing my work and being on time. So I decided to walk there. I was so worked up, as I was calling our family babysitter from Kenilworth to get my spare key from my husband's car, come out and get my SCBA for me, pick up my car, drop it off at the Academy, etc, all the while I was huffing it up Raynor Road and down W. Hanover Avenue.

It all worked out in the end, with me not needing the SCBA today, and my babysitter leaving my car at the Academy for me and walking back the long way with my kids with her. What a site! I received about 10 text messages from them during the day..."Mommy can I do this..." At one point they got the message and I said I only have so many breaks!

After class I had to return the SCBA, even though I have to pick it up again first thing in the morning, and I had to buy some rope for us to practice tieing.

It turns out I wasn't the oldest in the class, with my instructor who was AWESOME being older and making everyone feel at ease.

So I got through my first day and have some funny memories to tell about it. The kids? They took it in stride about me locking my keys and thought why would I worry about being late for class. I guess it's my generation.

Oh yes, and it is my wedding anniversary today. June 23rd - 24 years to John Broesler. And what did the husband do about the loss of key situation? He left my car key under his tire for the babysitter to pick up. This was all done via text messaging. Needless to say, I was the only one who was hysterical.

I'll let you know if tomorrow is more calm. I certainly hope so!

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Comment by ERCVFD 842 C. Warren on June 24, 2008 at 5:34am
Hey Denise I'm Chris I've been a firefighter for 6 years now and was an explorer for 2 years proir, I am engaged to a wonderful woman and have a awesome 3 y/o son and a bueatiful 2 y/o daughter, I've worked in EMS for almost 4 years now so I know what it's like to have a full plate and be trying to get all the trainning that you need done and to keep up with new trainning. Just stick with it and everthing will fall in place, some days will be rough but it's always gonna be fun and something that you love. And yes George Carlin will be missed very much. Good luck in class tomorrow and thoughts are with you to suceed.
Comment by Denise Imperiale on June 23, 2008 at 10:51pm
Thanks Christopher! You know when I was sitting in class today and thinking how am I going to remember all this, and keep up, I thought about all the people on Firefighternation.com that have been supported me and it's didn't seem so overwhelming. Have a nice day, Denise
Comment by Christopher Smith on June 23, 2008 at 10:24pm
Hi Denise,
Happy anniversary, and even though you got uptight...it all worked out in the long run. Just remeber, don't sweat the small stuff, things get easier as you go through training! I too was sad to hear the news about George Carlin...he had a way with words and could find something funny in any kind of situation! Just think what he would have come up with if he was going through what you were going through today...you'd probably find the humor in it too!
Good luck in class tomorrow and stay safe.

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