Ok, this is definitely one for the priceless books...
We get dispatched out on a possible structure fire, detached garage near a residence. It is almost 0100 hrs and about -5 degrees outside. Our chief and fire marshal(shift commander) go enroute, as do our engine and squad. I go enroute driving our pumper tanker with my partner and a rookie. Mutual aid companies also answer up that they are enroute. The chief and FM get in the area and ask for a confirmation on the address as that is not a correct address on that street. Well, dispatch gets on the air and advises that they just spoke to the home owner and he is actually on the same road, only in the next county over. My chief states to notify the proper department, which the dispatcher says he is already doing and that they want us to continue in with an engine, and that they are also calling for other mutual aid companies. As this is all going on, we pass our engine and an engine from another department going the other way towards the wrong address.. Anyway, we continue in towards the correct address and when we are about a minute out, the chief gets on the radio and tells our engine that when they pull up, to lay a 3" with a wye and 2 1 3/4 lines for the attack. My partner tells him that we (Tanker) are going to be first in, so the chief tells us just to pull a 2 1/2" and make the attack..(approx 200 ft from the tanker to the door) well, here is where its funny.. we pull the line, get to the door of the garage, smoke showing, and call for water ( the FM is pumping my tanker due to medical issues) and the freakin pump is FROZE!! sooo they have to pull our line from the tanker and attach it to the second in engine, which is from another dept, then we get water and go in and knock the fire down. When we are finished, we assisted with the overhaul and clean up, but then the jabs started.. we all thought it was great that the 3rd if not 4th due tanker made it in first and knocked the fire down, while the first in company made it in like 3rd or 4th and got to watch us play. Anyway, just wanted to share that bit of humor..

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Comment by Amanda on October 4, 2008 at 7:31pm
thats true brag all you want haha i would
Comment by CHRIS on February 28, 2008 at 11:23pm
Thats what keeps this job so interesting ! You never know what the hell can happen. At least it all worked out in the end. At least you have some bragging rights for quite awhile !!!
Comment by mike wright on February 28, 2008 at 9:33pm
This is the way stuff happens sometimes isnt it. We have had events like this where we beat the first engine on scene. This is the way things work in a imperfect world.

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