Why i am so interested in the EMS/Fire field...?

Ever since i was younger whenever i heard any type of siren...whether it be a Cop car/Fire truck/Ambulance i got this huge adrelene rush and just wanted to get up and go. Though when i was younger i had a huge phobia of all Police/Fireman/Paramedics......i just fought my fear of joining explorers last November. It was the right thing to do for myself...now i have many friends are paramedics/fireman/and police. The main reason why i am joining into this rewarding career field is b/c of my good friend Betty and my was gonna be friend Ava. Betty i miss her too much....we were close as friends...last april she died of a stroke....3 days after her first prom...Ava on the other hand..this is a hard one to talk about....she was an 18 yr. old who died of a massive stroke to both sides of her brain....she died in Jan. of this year...:'(.....i want to become a Fire/Medic...for all of these reasons..and i also love to help people to the best extinct there is out there!! Ever since i have joined explorers i have gained a HUGE interest in the EMS field...since i am of age...i get to train with real firefighters this summer..... for explorers. I am so excited for it. Though i get really frustrated with the whole call thing...see i am not allowed to go on EMS calls until i am in College all b/c of a policy...it makes me so upset..but i do understand the whole policy thing..There is my story..;)

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Comment by Holly on February 16, 2008 at 10:59pm
I like to Think of it as a sort of calling kinda like the nuns at church they recieve a calling ... as do all of us in a way, hang in there what is ment to be will come when it is ment to come.keep your chin up your on the right track it's in your Blood.
Comment by Tracy on February 16, 2008 at 10:53pm
Agreed with DVP...we're all a little nuts, and we live by the squawk of the plectron...best of luck with Explorers!!
Comment by DVPcapt on February 16, 2008 at 10:30pm
because your crazy like the rest of us...welcome to the club. About not being able to go on calls, I know your frustrated (I was), your time will come and you'll be jolted out of bed at O dark thirty by the Plectron plenty of times.

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