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Cold Weather Bag

Lt. Bronner sent the following notice about getting your cold weather bags together as the temperature drops.  If you have a cold weather bag share what you have in it so others can get an idea of what works and what doesn’t.  Stay warm.  Read On.

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More Quick Sh!t & Fire Behavior Prop

We are building a library of Quick Sh!t sheets.  Also in this post is a video on an innovative way to teach fire behavior to new recruits.  Read on.

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Putting Technology In A Dummy

We took a tour of the Humanetics Innovative Solutions factory, which is the only company worldwide making crash test dummies for the auto industry.  These dummies contain an unbelievable amount of technology that provides data about how passengers are affected in various collisions.   This technology really helps explain how…


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Jack Team Work With New Sleeves

After seeing a couple variations of sleeves for high-lift jacks we made a few.  Brother Firefighter Stout helped with fabricating them and tracking down some steel.  You can read more about the “OJ Sleeves” from the brother’s in Michigan or view some pictures from Andrew Brassard’s variation here.…


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If You Need a Torch On Your Scene...Can You Operate It?

Torches are not a tool that we use everyday, month, or year on our emergency scenes, but if needed can you pull it off the rig, work truck on a job site, or cart in an industrial setting and go to work quickly?  Entrapment and impalements possibilities are never ending and some may require cutting a victim free with a torch.  Brothers in Toledo, Ohio were recently faced with a victim impaled on a 6′ tall Victorian style wrought iron fence.  While stabilizing the victim, they used a Metabo…


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Brake Pedal Displacement

Here’s another basic extrication technique for you to try at your next training.  It has everything to do with brake pedal displacement when a victims foot is entrapped.  For more on the old school techniques click here.…


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Frontal Airbags and Pedestrian Airbags

Have you seen a vehicle crash where the front drivers and passenger airbags have not deployed?  The picture to the left is an example of the sensors not initiating airbag deployment.

This post is going to hopefully remind you to stay clear of un-deployed…


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Old School vs. New School Extrication

The extrication world has changed over the years in more ways than one.  Vehicle construction, tool technology, and an evolution of techniques has created both challenges and advancements for rescue personnel.  As you read this post and watch the video below, reflect on some old school techniques that still work, but also embrace technology in the extrication world.  Read…


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School Bus Roof Lift

When you see this post’s title you may wonder, when would I need to do that.  The scenario is a rare one, however, what if a school bus crash causes significant crumpling of the roof effectively trapping the driver and students that are towards the front of the bus.  Here’s an option for school bus roof removal involving a coordinated effort with firefighters and a heavy wrecker.…


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Meat Grinder Rescue

A few weeks ago Andrew Brassard started a discussion via email about meat grinder rescue.  Below are some pictures and a couple points to ponder on this type of extraction from Brass.  Be sure to check out the Brotherhood Instructors LLC Man-In-Machine Operations class and find more training materials …


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First Due Tackle

If you haven't seen it yet.  Check out First Due Tackle. Contributions welcome.  What's in your tackle box?

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Forcible Entry Repetition

One of the greatest keys to forcible entry is practice and repetition.  We had a great training tonight with the members of the Berlin Township (OH) FD with my homemade prop that is nearing 800 forces.  This prop has been key to teaching forcible entry techniques over and over, especially on commercial doors.…


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School Bus Roll-Over in Virginia

Is your department prepared for the challenges you may face if a school bus loaded with children is involved in a crash.  This past Wednesday a school bus rolled over in Virginia.  It is fortunate that reports are stating all injuries are considered minor.  The picture to the left is from a training scenario a few years back.

What do unstrained passengers go through when a school bus rolls?  Check out the video below for an example.  The video is from a camera mounted on the front…


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More Jack Team Work On A Roll-Over Pinning

What are your options when faced with a vehicle roll-over pinning?  What comes to mind first?  Airbags, hydraulic tools, wreckers, jacks, lifting struts, pry bars, wedges?

For this scenario you have a single victim pinned under an overturned vehicle.  What is the safest and fastest option to free the victim?  For the remainder of the discussion we are going to show the use of a jack.  In the picture to the left and video to follow you will see the …


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Medical Oxygen Tank Over Pressurization On Wheels

Here’s your scenario:  You get a call for a truck with a high-pitch sound coming from it.  On arrival the truck is a Class B straight truck with hazardous materials placards easily identifiable on your approach.  It’s 80 degrees outside.  You also notice the labeling on the side indicates the vehicle is a medical oxygen service truck.  You also notice a white pressurized gas coming from a vent on the roof of the cargo box.  Some children playing in nearby yards.  Neighbors inform you that…


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Full Bucket Swing Extrication

Here's a not so routine extrication to think about as you cruise by your local public park.  How are you going to get a child out of a full bucket swing who has become stuck.

The scenario is: a child's legs are to big for the openings, but gravity squeezed them in for the swing ride.  Now, the child can't get out.  Read on.

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Straight Truck Tanker - Company Drill

This morning I was taking some pictures at the local school bus garage in preparation for FDIC and a straight truck tanker rolled in.  So, of course I had to ask the driver (Russ, a firefighter from a neighboring jurisdiction) a few questions.…


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How School Buses Are Made

The video below shows parts of Blue Bird Corporations manufacturing process.  It will help you get an idea of where the strongest parts of the bus are located.  Of course different manufacturers have varying methods.

It is important to know the construction of…


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Auger Extrication Prop

All the pieces came together for this auger extrication prop.  I originally saw the idea on Brotherhood Instructors page, check it out here.

Firefighter Josh Goetz (Carroll Township FD) was…


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Electric Meters - To Pull or Not To Pull

A commenter on my post, Window Cut Down – Company Drill added a good point to the discussion about ensuring the power is cut before running a saw down the wall.  Read on.  

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