It's a little quiet in here. So let's play who the hell are you? I'm Sean. Going on my fourth season in wildfire. I've been working for the forest service since I started. Did my first three seasons on handcrews on the tahoe. I'm going to New Mexico this summer to do some hot shottin in the Lincoln Natl. Forest.

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Did 2 seasons in Lincoln a few years ago. Love the area, although you don't see the news coverage like Califorina, there were a couple of times it got hairy. Would not trade the experience for the world. Now I'm in the flats NW of Houston, TX. with a small combi dept. Lots of urban interface and hay fields. The woods have almost disappeared. I still love to get down and dirty with TFS on their prescribed burns, working the line with the young "bucks" trying to keep up. Have fun in Coudcroft.
I am Brett and I am from Alberta. I am a wildland fire fighter and a volunteer in a 9000 person town that services a surrounding 20,000 person county. I was paid as a seasonal firefighter with a private company (not gov't ran) for five years and I saw some action down in New Zealand. I came back and joined the local volunteer department and was trained to be an NFPA 1001 Professional Firefighter.
Am an Asst. Chief with a small VFD in Northwestern PA.We do it all too,although for a lot of us the wildland stuff is our favorite.I am a volunteer Forest Fire Warden for the PA Bureau of Forestry and have a crew of 15 of our folks trained to the 130/190 level right now.We get a lot of small fires but not too many big ones.I work with the Forestry folks to keep our equipment updated and my crew aware of what's going on certain times of the year.
Hey Sean, I'm Aaron. I've been in wildland since 04. Did my first two seasons with the FS here on the Pike in Colorado. I'm now an ENGB for my local Dept. I also spent time working for the Nature Conservancy RX Fire Use crews in Mn. and the Mo. Ozarks. I'm Currently looking for a new Dept. or mabey going back to the Feds. I also work as a Structure Firefighter 2 and I'd rather backfire a thousand acres then have to search a house. Stay Safe out there
Hi all, I'm JP, currently starting my 4th year with the Florida Division of Forestry. formerly worked as a structural firefighter on Cape Cod Mass, where we also had a significant wildland problem.
I currently work in Southwest Florida as a tractor/plow and engine operator, and working to become a certified burn manager
Hey Sean, I'm Linda AKA "BLAZE". Just want to say thank you to EVERY ONE of you guys & gals out that do what you do no matter which hat you wear. I know you all never hear enough of that, but with me your efforts are not wasted. My Best Friend is a Captain with PALM BEACH COUNTY FIRE RESCUE of which I am a huge supporter because it's my county, I was born here. Whenever I can I campaign for IAFF, now I'm trying to get something set up with the 9/11 Patch Project since they are coming into South Florida. And also just added 2 minutes ago is to get in touch with all of our state represtatives RE: the pension plan for you guys & gals that someone is trying to butcher, the heart lung bill for you all in the state of florida that they want to delete, your disability in the state of florida that they think you all don't need because "well let's face it you all run into burning buildings when the rats & roaches are running out" as The Captain puts it. So now I'm going to stop jabbering & get to bitchin' very nicely to these folks that are so totally clueless, what would they do if you all weren't there for them? they damn sure wouldn't do it themselves. BLESS YOU ALL & THANK YOU!!!!
Volunteer firie here in Australia...Ive been involved for 7 years and love it. Have seen many fires in Queensland and in New South Wales (along with small coastal islands on the eastern side).
Have worked with forestry on afew HRB's and wildfires, but probably nothing compaired to what you guys have been to (so Ive seen on tv coverage/videos) BUt hten again every incident is different and produces its own issues.
Ive still paticipate as ground crew, but have been doing courses in incident management.
Love getting smoke up my nostrils and love the outdoors!

Hey! My name is Rachel and I am a "rookie"!! I just received my S-130/S-190 certs. March 3, 2012!!

I am 16, so I can't "fight" fires, yet! When I turn 18 next year I will already be certified so I won't have to wait, then!! I am in Northeast Florida, serving with a volunteer fire department. I am looking into a career with the Florida Forest Service after I turn 18.

I had to do a speech for a group I am part of-it was on "The Principles of Wildland Fire Behavior". I really enjoyed making and presenting it!!

Just came back from ten days in Gunnison CO.  Great group of guys in the Gunnison Dept. that I met.   Our wildland fires here are usually grass fires with pasture and cornfields burning.   Sure is different here on the flatlands of the midwest!    Keep up the great work.



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