by members at their own departments if they have an infactuation wiht woodsfires/brushfires/wildfires cause at mine they think im one screw loose or somthing because i enjoy working woods fires. of course if that is all your department runs is wildland calls then its a little different i was just wanting some feedback.

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I'm called a lot more than that... but it also doesn't help that most of the dept hates wildland and takes a very half-ass approach to safety, tactics, and the use of proper ppe while on the fireground. I just try to get everyone home safe and back to their recliners.
I'm called crazy 1 beacuse I do like working them and 2 because I show up in foresrty gear and my fire shelteraposed to shorts and a t-shirt . But I had 2 friends killed at a forest fire so I know it's nothing to play around with.
Yea crazy is one of the things I have been called, I agree with the others that what we take seriously most folks dont, maybe they figure it wount happen to them, crazy to them is safe to me gotta figure some people just aint cut out for wildland fire There is something about going home at the end of the fire that I like.
Hey fighting wildland fires is cool you get this rush that is awesome even if your on a RX just happy to be crazy I guess
yea a couple of us on our FD have been called crazy for enjoying forest/brush fires.But not long after that we actually created a forest fire division in our fire dept. so they dont call us crazy now
Being a volunteer in a rural department I don't catch any flak from them about wildland but I do get it from people at my regular job, especially when I take the month of August off to go fight fire. All I can tell them is there is a lot less stress at a big wild land fire for a couple of weeks versus a couple of weeks at my regular job.
Not really but I live in California.
i cant say im called crazy because im surrounded by people who think like me and love a good fire or 3. But i do get Mr Keen from they guys at the station


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