Hi im new here. Im on two fire depts We are small country towns. We are starting to see a lot more of these hybrids in our towns. Does any one out there have any advice on these types of mva's?

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Do not cut the orange cable!!!!!!! Also check evertwhere for airbags, some have as many as 13 idividual bags.
You can contact Holmatro tools for their updated extrication manual. Also try contacting local auto dealers most companies like FORD due construct DVD`s for responders on their make and models.
Thak you for the info. I will get right on it . Thanks and be safe.
stay away from blue cables as well. Not nearly as high of voltage but still enough to get your attention. Also assume they have a high voltage battery circuit and a 12 v battery (possible under the hood) .

Also be sure they are OFF -- sometimes pretty dang hard to tell initially
Ok lets keep this going. I need all the info on this I can get .
Give me your address and I'll send you my hybrid program on dvd
Greetings from England. We chock the wheels because you can't hear the electric motor running. I know on the toyota prius, it says 'ready' on the trip computer if the motor is running,so watch that throttle if its automatic, and the petrol motor can kick in at any time,even if the car is stopped. The 12 v battery will run components of the high voltage system so be sure to isolate that, and take out the high voltage fuse ( it should say on the fuse board ). Stay away from the orange cables!, and take care with these bastard machines!.
Hi Randy. How much is your dvd?, and is it only for USA spec cars?. We have next to no information on these hybrids in England. Cheers.
Hi Wayne Thanks for the info. I trying to get all the info on theseI can.
Any way i can get a copy of this dvd?
Any way i can get a copy? fire302@bellsouth.net
The biggest hazard of hybrid cars is getting run over by them! You can't hear them running so securing the power should be the priority. First, take the electronic key and move it at least 20 feet from the car. If you see a power, or ignition button, shut it down. Second, secure the 12 volt battery. Once you do this, the high voltage AC system should shut down. Unplug any devices that are plugged into the cigarette lighter plugs. These devices may back feed into the system and keep the airbags charged. Avoid cutting the orange cables if you can, but if you must cut them, they will arc and probably ruin your cutters but you should be ok. Like any car, mind your 5-10-20 rule. Also, peel and peek before cutting. Don't worry about cutting through air bags, but do not cut any high pressure cylinders that are hidden in the posts.
check out www.albertavx.com for ERGS


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