Here's a variation of the car under truck- what would you do, how would you extricate?

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Chief, not being able to complete 360 truck, but appears to be that least it would have 18 foot body. Just like fiiting the truck from the front, under the bumper- you would do from the back side of the axle on the frame(being the size of the truck it will be full framed). 2 teams lifting with 2 different sets of bags. 2 bags each side both teams would up appox 3or 4 inches at the same time. Cribbing at that point, up again on upper bags about 3 to 4 inches, cribbing- remove air from bags place 4x4 cribbing next to each other and criscross next row, cover with plywood base and start all over again up on lower bags and then up on upper bags. Sounds like a long time to raise but as both teams on each side watching safety and placing cribbing in and adjusted base upward the front of this truck should move appoximately a 8 inches in no time, with the second lift after adjusting base you will be able to get 16 inches. My department drills only about once a year on using them, but everytime drilling on auto-x we talk thru the use, so it becomes a little 2nd nature.

If this is just a tractor of a semi ? Can't tell from picture. The task would be the same but after the trailer is secured first. Maybe option of disconneting the trailer from the truck just to remove weigh off the the tractor, but only if it doesn't cause more weigh to be placed on the other vehicle. We can't see it, so. what if it was with trailer at 90 degree jack knife?
Negative. I'm usually only at the NHFA for BRR. Even at that I often have scheduling conflicts with other programs I'm involved with in the local area. So many classes,so little time.Happy we share the same interests. The only reason I'm so familiar with the Ex-team is it's something I always wanted to do but never got to.Because I know the founder,I know where they came from.Glad to hear they branched out into education.
Capt,could go either way. The PROBLEM with bags and this particular vehicle is the way they hang all the battery boxes,air tanks and garbage around the frame. It CAN be done but you WON'T enjoy it.You need to keep the lift forward to get the desired effects and that's where they mount all the garbage. If you see one of these out and about,I reccommend you take a long look.Never know when you'll need to use that information. These are SOLID rigs as oppose to the old Iveco's which you had to be VERY careful lifting.Your THEORY is correct,but when you see this rig,you'll know where I'm coming from.As the LT alluded,the preferred method if available,would be a HD Tow truck(wrecker).If the car was anywhere but where it is,the bags would work fine. But centered? Ah,that DOES present a challenge.
well it is always good to hear that i have interests that others have in this profession. it has been a long 24 yrs but looks like most are on the same page. So guess I can't be all that wrong . Besafe look forward to chatting again soon .
In that case the car with the crane will help. It is a question of causing a minimum a loss to victims. It is impossible to pull cars. It is necessary to work like clock-work. I think that air cushions not steady.A car should be well fixed.
And a REAL problem in your country with the exception of a crane. We have a lot of wonderful toys(hydraulic Tow trucks)that make the job childs play.You guys have some wonderful heavy vehicles but economies keep you from having some of the "candies". I've recently been studying a bit on Chernobyl,your brothers and sisters did a heros job of containing the disaster. Tragically it cost many their lives.But their actions saved millions.I think you could say that car is well "fixed"
Block the 5th wheel with a big wood block, place a Vetter Lifting bag or equivalend under the tractor, and lift to the max height. Crib the truck with tensioned buttress struts (Rescue 42 or equivalent) as it lifts to ensure that a slip or sideways tilt doesn't drop the rig during the lift.

Once the truck is clear of the car, use a rescue truck winch or wrecker to slowly pull the car out from under the truck. Moving the vehicle with the patients still trapped is a last resort, but this is a case where we're looking at a last resort as our first option. That option is has been taught by the Carbusters for around 20 years or so.
Ben,How/what are you going to lift on?With the bag that is? It's not impossible but a royal pain to do on a Scania.I'd LOVE to hear your version on this one.
Same as the other one - frame rails if there's an available transverse member, bridge it with long cribbing to create a transverse if there's not one, or use two sets of bags, one on each frame rail.
This particular rig while not impossible is kind of bag resistant unless you can get a purchase on the tranny or it's crossmember. I don't even like towing these,there's so much stuff hooked to the frame rails. Always hitting my head on something.If you can find enough clear area certainly a transverse crib would work.What about chaining the frt wheel so it does't turn and lift on the tire?Start with two bags,one each side of the front tire and lift just enough to get a mid size bag under.8-12 inches will probably get most of the load off the car.
I've done some pretty tough air bag lifts with lots of stuff on the frame rails by just padding the bags, centering them under the most substantial part, and doing the lift.
Some of the lighter stuff will just bend up.

You just have to protect the top air bag surface with a piece of truck mud flap or something similar. It will flex with the shape of the purchase point, but won't let the bag get punctured.

I haven't worked one of these with a Scania, but I've worked similar ones with numerous other manufacturers. I don't worry about hitting my head - I wear a small-profile tech rescue helmet for extrication and save the leather for fires. The head is protected and it fits in smaller spaces without a brim getting in the way.
I don't bump my head much on the rescues.It's towing these GD things I hate.Next to an Iveco,I can't think of one much worse.Do look at one carefully if you get the chance,you'll see what I mean.


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