how does your department set the seat assignments

iam on a three man ladder company driver is the pump op and or on the turn table
LT does the size up and the ff catches the hyrdant and then does what the lt tells him to do next

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At my department, the assignments are based on the type of call and manpower. When we are riding with 4 members, the Driver and the Driver's rear are ventilation and utilities while the Officer and the Officer's rear are forcible entry and interior. The Officer can call an audible whenever necessary. When we are riding with 3 members, we DO NOT split up into teams and we all commit to the same task.
I run on three man companies as well. At work we run a Qunit 105', at home we run a 105 straight truck. Staffing can be a pain. Our normal assignments vary. On the Qunit the bucket man pulls the line if we are first due and acting as a engine. If we are outside of our first due and acting as truck, I go in w/ officer and due search and forcible entry. At home the career guys just due truck work, we have tons of high rises so that can change our ops plan. If it is a first due high rise all three or four(if Im ridding) go in and to the fire floor. Staffing and training levels will dictate how much your crew can handle. I am a firm believer that the truck is a speciality and that just anyone can do the work. It has taken me a lot of hard work and training to be on the ladder company both at work and home. Hope this may help you. Good Luck, Stay Safe and "EVERYONE COMES HOME!"
Our Department is 75 full time, 1 Truck and 5 Engines. Our truck ran as a Quint till 1999 or 2000 when it became the TRUCK. We have a minimum of 4. Driver and the seat behind are Outside Vent, Captain and seat behind are Force Entry/Search. On a commercial vent job we should all be outside vent.

My department is a paid on call department. Our Truck Company depending on shift rarely rolls unless it is specifically called for for mutual aid to a surounding agency. My shift however, If it is on the run card it runs instead of an engine with an engine comming from our auto aid department. My shift consists of one officer 2 firefighters and one ems only who is going to the recruit school this fall.  If we run the truck on a call My Lt drives and I run the seat having more Truck Experiance. Assignments are based on the type of call and if we have extra man power.


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