Need some great ideas on some inhouse training within a vol. dept without a cert. instructor ..

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IFSTA has three training texts available, I am using one as I write this
The Sourcebook for Fire Company Training Evolutions. 3rd ed, includes a dvd with powerpoint of the drill.
Fire Engineering "Volunteer Training Officers Handbook" Includes dvd.
Maryland State Fire Training, over a hundred training lesson plans and numerous powerpoints
Google your question- it is 2011 & technology is a wonderful-wonderful thing
im a training officer as well when i get stumped on idiaes for training lot of times ill ask the guys and girls what they feel they need help with thats what we train on we set up mazes for air packs or if its nice weather out and you got play ground equipment close by take a truck out there run a hose from truck through the play ground black out and full pack up tell them to start at nozzle and find the truck we time every body last time we done it i like to never got everybody to leave we all had fun also map reading im in a rural farming community so when corn was up we had someone go hide in field (with a charged cell phone) and we mocked a search and rescue also take em out practice withpumps see who can get water fastest off hydrant and out of pond
An instructor once told me "Train like you fight, fight like you train". Think about structures in your area and the response you have. Make a list of tasks you want the first arriving crew to do (pack up, advance attack lines, perform size up, etc). Pick three or four that would be on the first arriving unit. Have them stay in the truck until word is given (simulate arrival). Hand the paper to the member that would be in charge. Their job would be to get everyone to complete the tasks on the list.

Have a more senior member then "arrive" and ask for a size up report.

If you have multiple units, it could work really well. You can even state that you have a second unit arriving and what they would be tasked to do.
Thanks guys that helps a ton. I am from a small rural community and we have just put on our first paid fireman ( me). Being an all volunteer fire department and everyone having 8 to 5's , kids little league games and pratices, etc. it seems near impossiable to get most of them in one place at one time. Of course you always have the ones that know it all already, those that have been on the department for 10 to 15 years.
I can understand your situation. I have always told our new members that God comes first, Family second, fire department third. However, saying that, I also state that training needs to be a priority.

The members not only need to know how the equipment works, but more importantly, how to work as a team. Training only takes 2-3 hours per week, find a time that all can meet and use that time.

Then in the summer, pick some Saturday afternoon, invite their families and show them why Dad and/or Mom and/or Son and/or Daughter have been doing. Bring a grill and cook some hamburgers and hot dogs. Showing them how important it is goes a long way for understanding why they are not with family.
in your bay if its big ..lay out hoses under trucks or around them out masks start the them out on the end have them follow the hose out..u will have fun too training everyone how to get out of a building using the hose .also setup R.I.T also u can have a man down what to do if that happen many par go in and come out .
I'm the lead advisor for our FF Cadet Training program, we have taken the FF II Handbook and worked off that. Even though I'm working with cadets, I think it gives them a real look and taste of what it is to be a FF. We are blessed with having several certified instructors on our Dept. I have even asked the cadets, what they wanted to train has always proven benefical. It seems they even pay more attention to the class and drills.

You don't have to be a certified instructor to gain access to good firefighter training materials. There's a multitude of books, workbooks, DVDs, etc. available at


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