The dept. I belong to is strickly volunteer and where I am from considered a non-profit organization, so our funds for equipment and such comes from fund raising and our weekly bingo games, Which does help us keep our heads above water. However we are looking to purchase some newer turnout gear and SCBA's and our fund raising has stalled. So if anyone out there has any newer ideas for us please reply

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One department I'm on has a duck pond that has literally made us THOU$AND$ of dollars. Simple to operate, all you need is a stock tank, trolling motor, ducks (novelty company item), some prizes to get you going, someone willing to number the bottom of the ducks with a sharpie, and an event to put it at. You will have to engineer a partial cover for the tank, leaving a section in the front exposed from which to draw (pick up) ducks, and that also makes a pretty good table on which to put the prizes. Dollar a duck, and all ducks win at least a lollipop. We usually use our truck numbers as the winning numbers, and of course 911. We have 1000 ducks, supposedly, but you don't need that many. The investment isn't that great, and the rewards can be very good. All depending on your area, of course, and the demeanor of the local population. The hardest element in the equation is manpower. Having someone or two willing to man the thing sometimes become an issue.
how about a car wash
Thanks for the idea Larry, I will look into that one and talk to my cheif and DC's at or next meeting about the pond idea.
Thanks Alan
How about a Pancake Breakfast? A Chili Supper? A Spaghetti Supper? My department has done each of these and has proven very successful.
Thanks for the idea
my company does 2 rlly big fundraisers each year and small ones on the side the two big ones we have is carnival week and hay ride week... we are currently doing carnival right now its 5 days and it ussualy makes our company about 5 thousand dollars... but it depends on your companies location mine is in a desent size town and we have the space to do this... but the second fundraiser we do is hay ride about some time in october we organize a route and the local community and some of the jrs in the company organize skits and this also proves very sucsessful for us... and on the side we do chicken BBQ's and bingo ect...
Thanks for the ideas Brian
We have a raffle for a 4x4 ATV and trailer - local dealer donates for the publicity.
We have an internal competition to sell the most tickets, top two sellers get the new Bullard UST helmet we will be switching to when we get enough funds. Anyone who sells "X" number of books wins a firefighter tactical/rescue knife. Sales stats posted in the training room at the hall to keep the competition hot.
We also have BBQ fundraisers.

Neighbouring department has an annual ATV trail ride and "mud bog". It is so popular it sells out every year. Participants get a BBQ lunch and a "Got Mud?" t-shirt. Profits from only two years of this fundraising event alone bought a brand new tanker truck!!!!
Fish Fry!
Try doing a dance with a classic car show with some antique fire trucks before the dance. Invite local fire departments we are going to give this a try some time this month.
Mister, I have been coming up with fundraiser ideas for years!! If you're in a rural area famous for a particular local food, have a big public-invited picnic with competitions for recipes. Please see this link for an idea from a very remote location that has grown to about 5,000 visitors/donators each year!! :) This particular VFD also offers "free" chimney/flu cleaning as many many residents in the area still only burn wood or coal for heat in the winter, they will accept donations, although they'll do it for free because they'd rather use their equipment for 30 minutes to make a home safe for their neighbors and it gets them out in the community. The WhiteTop/Konnarock/GreenCove Virginia VFD is very well liked in the community. I have other ideas too but if there is a local delicacy in your area a festival with a competition will draw hundreds of people to donate. :) Be safe, ~Sheila


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