I snapped this on an inspection.... how would you identify and force this door?




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Attack the hardware on the other side with a circular saw or make a doggie door.
Circular saw , make a hand hole to push the bar or attack the hinges ,
If you go for the hinges, is it going to make a difference enough to take out the door when the bar is still attached to both sides of the door? The door would still be set in the framework, would it not?
How about grinding off the carriage bolt heads( if not hidden within the door layers), which would let the bar fall to the floor.
I like the idea of cutting a hole through it enough to get your arm through, as long as you don't have an unconcious victim on the other side hunched against the door.

As for identifying the door, the lack of an opening mechanism on the outside would put this possibility in my mind.
Cutting the carriage bolt heads is what I meant by "attacking the hardware". Cutting a hand hole is good as long as you know what is securing the other side. I've seen some strange devices. It's appears to be an outward swinging door so a victim down inside shouldn't be an issue.
Here's a shot of a door I saw a month ago.
Im sorry but the smartazz in me just has to say it....I would push the bar to open it...
Now for my real answer looking at the design it appears the bar that actually locks the door has a pivot. So my question is how strong is it? Would normal door breaching work IE sledgehammer and hallingan bar, or even our port a power spreader. Because honestly unless I'm familiar with this place from pre plan I would still try normal procedures first before breaking out the power tools.
Why not trying to break the wall rather than the door? In many cases, wall are easier to break than this kind of door. Also, if's it a "panic door" this kind of door has always a system to let people push it in case of panic. So the opening system is always at the same distance from the floor.


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