As a newbie, we all have questions...anything pertaining to my safety, scene safety or the safety of those I work with....I ask immediately. The adage is, "the only dumb question is the unasked question"...but every now and then i hear a term or spot something and I file it away under "whatinhellisTHAT?" for later.

Post your questions here, good, bad, indifferent, dumb or asinine, it all belongs here and hopefully will be answered by our team of White Hats.
Fair warning; smart-a$$ed or belittling respsonses will be deleted, and the writer thereof will be ejected and then banned from the group.

I started this group as a judgement free zone....and it's going to stay that way or I'll know the reason why.

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to bill: i wear contact lenses with my face mask- that is a debatable issue though- they say that the heat can melt the contacts to your eye balls- but- at least for me- if it is so hot that my contact lenses will melt inside my face mask- maybe i had better be scootin' out, because it will begin to damage skin soon.... the air does make them dry out but that- i can deal with. not everyone can wear contacts comfortably, however, they are much better than the old ones of the past. a few of the older guys don't wear the nomex hood and say when their ears start to burn is when they know we ought to get out, so i guess i'm using the same 'logic' with my contacts.
My question is for wildland firefighters: i am currently taking the federal wildland class and hope to pass the pack test so that i can fight wildfires federally. while on duty, are the firecamps co-ed, or gender seperated, basically, will i get to stay with my crew? also, my husband is taking the class, as well. we heard through the grapevine that we won't get called to go on the same job together, do we know if this is true? just wondering... any other wildland tips, advise, bits of knowledge would be appreciated! thanks!!!
msa i belive makes an insert for glasses but i may be wrong
U.S.Safety makes a Rx insert for scotts, the price aint bad either and they have really good service you should be able to google the web site
I'm not sure about being a fed wild fighter but locally our call volume is mostly wild grass and brush (just alot smaller than the feds) around here we try to split family up on any call so that if something bad happens it doesn't take out all of them. i.e. on our dept there is a father who is a capt, the mother is the luteniet of medical, two sons, both ff's, and a daughter, who is a ff and first responder, on a large mutual aid call the dad, two sons and the daughter all arrive on scene and the I.C. assigns them to a line hoseing down the LP tank the dad says "no prob, but please swap some of us out asap so if it blows it don't wipe out my family"
So if they do separate you this is probably the reason and good luck to you
Taskforce by far the best adjustable, always go adjustable cuz you never know what you may need, old-timers may be opposed to change but fact is times have changed and you need the ability to roll with whatever is needed and deal with whatever may happen.


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