Where are you from, how long have you been in the fire service, what made you join?
I'm from Voorheesville, NY, I just had my one year anniversary with my FD, and I joined not just for the adrenaline rush, although that's part of it; I joined because I work for a firematic association, and I got tired of feeling guilty for not joining.

Wish I'd done this YEARS ago, I love it.

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Hello my name is Jim I live on the Oregon coast, I have lived in Central Oregon as well. I became interested in firefighting very young at seven years of age. My mother had a good friend who was a volunteer fire captain who let me sit on the officers seat during a ride on the fire engine and talked to me about the fire service. As a youngster I practiced donning severly oversized turnouts in under a minute. I joined the fire service out of a deep burning desire to become a firefigthter from that young age. I now have 18 years of experience and wow does it go by fast. I am currently involved with my fifth fire agency and perform fire service consulting for other agencies.
Hello everyone I am from a little town called Cuba, IL My Dept is a two station Dept it is a rual one we cover roughly 90 square miles. I am just shy of one year with my Dept. I joined because i have always had a intreset in the Fire Service, and for the rush that comes with it. I will be starting next month taking my Firefighter II Course. I am also in the process of taking the course to become a EMT B
Steven Baughman Shaft VFD Frostburg, MD i joined in Sept 2008 because its free to save lives. I strongly stand by the way i feel and i would love to rescue anyone. I just had my first "real" call yesterday, seeing as how i grad FFI last Sat, 20:30 Working Flu fire, i got to climb the 35' and have everyone stare at me while i stuck my head down a burning chimney. I'm still pretty amped thanks to Chapman i felt like a hero for a bit.

Every day is a Holiday!
My name is Casey Sanders, I work for Beaumont Fire/Rescue in Texas, and I also vol. with the LaBelle-Fannett Vol. Fire Dept. I have been in the fire service for 8 years now, but ive only been in bmt for 8 mts.
my name james im from otisco lafayette fd iv been in 3 years i love what i do
Hi, my name is Patience. I'm from Spokane Co, WA. Been involved with the fire service since Oct 2007. Joined the fire district because it was a way to put the EMT-B cert I have to use when I came home after college. I had gotten the EMT while in college and had been majorly involved with an EMS organization on campus. In order to work with the FD I had to do fire training too. So, I bit the bullet and jumped into the fire training with both feet. So far I'm enjoying it very much.
well so much for a probie group? there are more vets in here then newbes. thats cool.. i'm gregg i'm less then one year i love the goodwins mills fire dept. in the great state of Maine. i'm a driver of 2 rescues and a squad waiting for a pumps class.. so i can qualify on 3 pumpers and a ladder. i completed an arial class last week . ive been assigened ladder co. torn on mychoice of ems. or firefighter at the moment.. many have cross trained, ill most likely follow suit. i still wonder why i didnt join sooner. i'm going for ems basic or firefighter 1-2 next fall.
hi I am from Parkhill,Ont. and I have been on the fire department for almost 2 years now.. I joined so that i could help the community i live in and i am enjoying it ever since I joined. Also I have a uncle on the fire department I get alot of help from..
I'am from the U.P. of Michigan and have been on my depatrment only about 6 months. I've already started FF1&2 training and will done by May of this year. I joined because this has always been a part of who I am. It just took longer than most too figure that out. But I did and I'm here to stay. Best of luck to you and Be Safe.
Hello Mary Ellen, you look lovely in your pic. My name is Jeremy Bolster or JB or a nickname that could be taken wrong. I am in Kingsbury Volunteer Hose Company #1. I have been a firefighter for almost 4 years now, it is my love and I hope to do it the rest of my life. You didn't make me join, but if you are nice to me I might stay. I enjoy helping out people in need and my community. Lights and sirens are cool and the ladies love the gear! Right Mary Ellen, I know you do. I am proud to be a member of such a great cause.
keep it up...wiseass.
Hi my name is Rhys Emery. Iam on the M.t Vernon volunteer fire/rescue department. in mt vernon Oregon. Iam also on there EMS service as an Emt basic. I joined the FD almost 2 yrs ago but have been inactive until I got discharged out of the U.S Army about 8 months ago. I joined while on leave from the Army cause my dad did it and so did my granddad. so iam third generation and pround of it. so when I got out of the Army i wanted to keep helping peaple and I have found my nitch.


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