What does it really feel and look like in a real working fire? I recently had 1st and 2nd degree burns on my legs and havent been in a "real" fire because of it. I am sure that it can and will be pretty hot, but I kinda would like to know what to expect.

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lol.. not where i live
same here, the closest paid dept is 30-45 min away
simply put, HOT and DARK!!! not meaning to be a smart one here, but the rule of crawling below the smoke will cut down on the heat and help with the visibility. Now I'm not sayin that you can see much at all, but you will be able to see your hand in front of your face this way maybe even the wall that you're followin. The heat (depending on how good your gear is) will feel like your sunnin yourself and need to flip. Most of all it will be confusing, very, very, very confusing. You have the roar of the fire, the hiss of your scba, the chatter of the radio, the weight of the ppe and scba, (unless you're a paid guy, then you're used to it) plus you have your tools that you take in with you whether that's the hose, axe, ect. and to top it all off you can't see squat!
i havn't actualy been inside of a "REAL" structure fire but i have gotten the chance to train in burn buildings with real fire and flames...and it does got hot! the fires that we had wern't as hot as most will be but it was still hot enough. the way i would describe it is like laying in the sun an a 100 degree day with a damn thick snow suit on. the worst part for me wasnt the heat but it has the zero visibility from smoke and how hard it is to stay oriented. but it was cool and a bit frightening alll at the same time to to open the door and feel the rush of smoke flames and heat and to see the fire dancing...it is a very real and serious situation to be in but we are all nuts any way thats why we are firefighters.

What does a real fire feel like...
I believe you have the general idea.

Now a few items to remember... all your PPE... every part on your SCBA... your buddy... risk a lot to save a lot... risk nothing to save little...

How did you receive your burns?
from a fire. if thts not the answer u were looking for comment me on my FFN page


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