My name is Butch I live in Cunningham wich is in Montgomery co. TN I Volunteer for Cunningham Fire and I Work for Clarksville Fire-Rescue.

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I met some guys from M'boro FD at the fire acadmey. they were nice guys I think yal have a good dept.
I am from West Tn ,just moved to Dickson County and am member of Dickson County Fire/Rescue. We run all Mva's and Structure Fires in County. We run about 900 calls a yr with no medical responses. We also cover 20 miles of I-40 in dickson county. Iam a 19 yr veteren of the fire service
I met Terry smith and a guy that played football for the bills we called him ray ray
Well brian we happen to be neighbors nice to hear from ya
I'm a full time paramedic for Sumner County EMS. All paid departments in the county have first responder agreements with us and respond to MVCs and med calls.

We have 9 stations and run 9 full time 911 trucks, 2 part time 911 trucks, and 6-8 convo units (depending on the day). We actually are underfunded and understaffed (who isn't) and will be asking for more more to hire 12 people and staff 2 additional units.
Hey Butch, Mikiemedic here. I live and work in Jamestown Tn. I belong to the Allardt Fire Dept. ( we're strictly volunteer ), we run fire calls in the county area that surrounds us along with firstresponder calls and MVC's. I also work fulltime with Fentress Co. EMS has a paramedic, I'm also the area First Responder Instructor for Fentress Co. In Allardt we run one minipumper along with first out engine and a reserve engine. EMS we run three ALS units throughout the day and two ALS units at night.
My name is Matt Stewart I work at Columbia Fire Dept I grew up there and start my fire servce carrier in maury county fire dept it was just starting to shake off the name maury county civil difence and grow into what it is today I was a firefighter with them for 5 years they started my base of training and in 2005 I said good buy to the volunteers and said hello to the columbia fire department witch is the paid one we run 5 stations we have 3 Pierce Arrow engines 2 Pierce dashes Quints 1pierce ladder with platform a hazmat response tracktor trailor and a E-1 engine and a american la france articulating platform not sure what elts to call it but my old timers is kicking in and other support vehicals a jeep pichups and such well also have a trailer maze like the one at the academy parked in back that thing is super fun and yes i have met a few of the boro guys and gals i went to smoke divers with a few of them and rokey school when it was in the boro behind the tec school but i tell you what i went to smoke divers with this one lady yall have she short blonde and just out of the air force but man she kicked but at smoke divers i think the only thing she had a problem with was the hose roll pull up to the plat form she just wasnt tall enofe but she adapted and over came it. it was so nice to have her as the vic too she was just so lite we could have drug her all over campus we had a great team a smoke divers that time
Hi, my name is Mike. I work for the Lebanon Fire Dept. It is a full time paid dept.
I volunteer for Cunningham Vol Fire Dept. in montgomery co. we are all volunteer and we have around 50 members. we run all types of calls. I work for Clarksville Fire Rrescue we have about 220 firefighters.
Im Todd from Madisonville. I work at Madisonville Fire/Rescue full time as a Captain. MFD has 3 full timers one per shift 24/48 and a full time Chief that works 8 to 4 five days a week and 38 volunteers. We run fires, wrecks, haz-mat, medical, and public service calls. We run around 500 calls a year. We have 3 engines 1 service/air truck. Pop. around 4500 a small town with one station trying to get more fierfighters on duty but the power above dont want to let go of the money. Im also with two volunteer departments Notchey Creek and Gudger just out side the city limits. Im the Asst. Chief for both departments. Which are growning everyday.
WOW, how do you have time to be asst. chief at both places?
Its takes alot of time but beening off two out of three days helps alot. Its can be overwhelming most of the time but i have some good guys that will help with anything i need them too. It makes it all worth wild.


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