Why did you join the fire dept. the real reason?. My reason is because of my brother he OD and was unconsious and cold we called 911 two medic's showed up and the fire chief and 1 other volunteer . They needed more help and kept paging out are station . Finally a station from Virginia Beach showed up to assist and they got him out on life flight . That's when i realized that more people were needed at the fire dept. and about a week later the chief approched me and asked if i wanted to join so i took him up on it . And here i am in the academy getting trained . But that's my deal what's your's ?.

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i joined because my friends was always on the fire department.. after a few years my best friend got me to join our fire department. After joining i got my Basic card and now i love it.
why i join? well for starter i wanted to be like (johhny and roy squad 51) but most of all i just feel that a person needs to give something of themselves to be alive. and for me the answer was clear from the time i could remember all i could do was wait till i was old enough and there i was joing up. the probies stories thank god thats all they were were stories also. i was treated with the greatest amount of respect and i most certaintly gave it back. i love the feeling that i have an apportunity to do something that many people dont get a chance to do...the gift of touching someone that is lonely, scared, whatever it may be just that human contact sometimes is really all it takes..see i have been a patient myselt i have been struck down with lupus and sjogrens and ra. so i know whats its like to be a pt and to be i person reaching into someone that is trapped and telling them they will be ok we will get you out and i am not leaving till we do..we are in this together. no one knows what i go through on a daily basis! but i know i was meant to do with..23yrs and still doing it..still holding hands and cutting people out..still giving my fellow emts/firefighter all the respect they deserve for doing so quietly what they do!!!!god bless to all and less all keep up the good work for only WE know what WE do everyday!!!! keep on keeing on!!!!!
I can remember when I was a little girl knowing that all I wanted to do was be a firefighter...I can't really explain it, it was just something that in my heart I knew I wanted... It was solidified even further after my baby brother started having febrile seizures, which resulted in many visits from the fire department. I knew I wanted to be a part of something better. It was after I was "informed" by family that "girls can't do that", I thought about being a paramedic...but the drive to get to fire was still there. I joined a volunteer department last year, and it's been one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done in my life...I guess "girls can do that" ;)
I see I'm like most everyone else here, a legacy with both grandfather and father being on the same small department. I was late joining due to time spent in the Navy, where I also got trained in shipboard and helo crash rescue. My hometown department used to have a pretty bad reputation..."don't have a fire on Thursday nights (drill night) 'cause the fire department is drunk." That all changed back in the early 90's and I am proud to say we have a tight little department that cares, trains hard and does well on responses. I agree, I wanted to be Johnny & Roy too. It's been fun and rewarding helping the department grow and change for the better.
I took on a challenge to join becaused there were no femailes on the department. I was the only femail for a couple of years until we had another one joined but she did not last. All she wanted was to find a male partner instead of learning houw to fight a fire. She got booted off within 3 months. I made it though to retirement.
i joined because i wanted to help my comunity and ive always been facinated by fire and firefighting and EMS work
i chose to become a firefighter so i could give back to my community and to help others,i stive to be the best i can,take as much training as i can so i can help as many people as i can,hopefully it will benefit my community
I was looking for a job where I had just moved. Being former PD the service calling felt natural. Still on training but responding to calls. I am the only female though there was one prior who no one liked but won't tell me why. The boys seem ok with me but I know of I fail I at something I am held to a different standard. My chief and assistant chief are working hard to make me feel like part of the team.


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