2 of them this week,one 80 bales,one over 200. Will people ever learn that wet/green hay will spontainiously combust.

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we had a hay barn fire with 200 round bales weight 1200lbs. farmer also had another barn with over 500 bales and he moved them out of the barn into the field he said let them dry out for about a week i quest it was not long enoff to dry out. i quest he was right. One day they will learn
I kinda got my doubts,the 80 bale fire was on a former fire ground from 6 yrs ago there used to be a 80X140 ft. barn on that site.Oh yeah it was full of green hay too.
Eastern Shore of Maryland, same problem. We have had several Hay Bale fires this year. Usually due to hay not being properly dried.
We get our fair share of hay fires too.We've had a few lately.One of them was pretty good sized.
I live in rural Ohio, in oe of the biggest dairy farming counties in the US. While we have been fortunate not to have any hay fires break out yet, we have emptied a barn full of "smoking". The newest thing that we have run ito is the dreaded silo fire. We have had the same silo cach fire twice in the last two years!
Some farmers don't even believe that it's possible.. Piercing nozzles, smooth bore @ high pressure, best fix. I recall a few that we were on scene for more than 24 hours. Barns, three floors high, full of wet-moldy-HOT hay. In that case, we resulted to digging up a field, filling the hole with water, dumping the hay into that then burying it in a mud slurry. Worst part is getting the cow shit smell out of your gear.
About a month ago had about 30 round bales go up. Farmer not sure how it started since it was all in the field way longer than it really needed and even sat in the field after being rolled for a while. Fortunately it was all outside and he was able to get his Bobcat with a fork on the fornt and move a couple rows and we just wet down the border and let it burn out.

7 years ago had a barn with 490 round bales in it go up due to a vehicle fire in the barn. 190,000 gallons trucked in the night of the fire and another 100,000 over the next 7 days hitting hot spots. On the bright side got a good laught when one captain fell face first in a huge pile of horse crap! Someone even got a picture of it! Than was a great moment in the frustration of dealing with the farmer who just would not leave it alone! I mean really, what part of we put a bunch of water and foam on it and we will come back about lunch time tomorrow to hit the hot spots, don't touch it did he not understand...0630 tones Rekindle at the same address because Farmer Bob is out there with his freaking backhoe digging the crap up to put in trucks to haul away!
Just let it burn, Once the smoke gets in they wont eat it anyway. The bale is now worthless. I wont let my guys ruin 1500 worth of gear for a bale of hay worth .10.

Never seen a straw or hay fire. LOL Spent all fall watch them burn so sick of it.


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