Ok, so we have been seeing this piece of gear get more and more use lately. I have sold a few of the AZTEK kits lately also. After playing with the kit and reading Reed Thorne's article, http://www.ropesthatrescue.com/images/Rescue%20Training%20July.pdf, I think all rescuers should have one. I also think that the teams need to have several on hand. The uses are unbelievable. But, the cost per unit is prohibitive to outfit each member of most teams. How many teams are using this for all their people? How many of you have never used it at all? The uses are only limited to your imagination.

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Hey there. The AZTEK (Set of 4s) are a staple piece of gear all over the world. However, not always coming in the same form (the Rock Exotica pulleys for example). Many "set of 4s" are simple double pulleys, small line and one or two small prusik cords (SMC Crevasse Pulleys for example being used in the mountains). You are correct, the cost is prohibitive to have everyone fitted for a set, but the likelihood of everyone needing a set is pretty low as well.

We use the AZTEKs in all our film work, training, and even have a few small set of 4s in our backcountry set up for rescue work. Give us a call with any questions you might have (Rescue Response Gear at 888-600-9116 or go to www.rescueresponse.com). A couple of links for you: http://www.rescueresponse.com/store/videos_rope_rescue_techniques_e..., http://www.rescueresponse.com/store/rope_rescue_rigging_aztek_equip...


Where did you find them for $200. If I could get one for that price, I might consider it. My dealer cost is higher than that. The AZTEK kits are closer to $300 MSRP.
I got mine a few years ago (long enough that I have since replaced parts[rope, pouch]) from BPC out of Massachusetts for $200. I just looked on their website and they've gone up to a whopping $225 (+ shipping, of course). http://www.rescuealive.com Dan is a great guy to deal with, just watch his sense of humor!
There are many manufacturers that make a product similar; mini-haul, jigger, AZTEK....While Rock Exoctica makes one heck of a product (As I say they make rescue art!) you can assemble these things for a lot less.

I am a firm believer in the application of these mini-hauls. They are a lot like rubber bands....They have 1,001 uses.


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