I dont know about you but I love tying knots. Does anyone have any useful knots that they would like to share other than the ones that are commonly used?

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What are you looking for here? Here is a list of good knots to know...
Long tailed bowline
Figure eight
Double eight
Munter hitch
Double munter hitch
Double fisherman's
Bachman knot, we are going to test this for z drags and ascending hopefully
Dragging bowline
Girth hitch
Half hitch
Clove hitch
Overhand knot
Load release hitches, lots to choose from, we use the BC hitch
Tensionless hitch
Trucker's hitch

and the list goes on and on.
Hi Stephanie- if you haven't seen this website, then check it out!

Well worth the look
Stephanie send me a message with ur email - I have some rope manuals that are PDFs that might help you out
Matt, mind sharing those?
No site in your reply?
To help my pal Lutan...http://www.animatedknots.com/
Hi Matt, I would be interested in the rope manuels you have on pdf. Jim
Matt, My email is techrescue@earthlink.net jim
I am Blake, I love tying knots too,and also alot of knots I need to know from you and for what purpose they are being used. I do know that there arecommonly used ones, and I know you have the quickest way of tying them.
Thank You.

What about the handcuff knot aka the California Love Knot?
Jeff, I should have known you'd find a way to bring bondage into the discussion. LOL

Could you explain what a "dragging bowline" is?



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